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Affliction dps help

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Hello everyone, just wanted to say a big thanks to all who contribute here(especially Zagam), reading the posts here has helped me a lot. That said I believe i can do more dps than I am doing. If anyone can see here in my parse/armory where i might be going astray it would be a huge help, I use Weak Auras to track weapon/trinket/spellweave procs to make the most of my gear, but I believe I am missing something(refreshing at the wrong time etc). I have read the guides on here and follow the normal "rotation" and stat priorities as posted. As you can see I'm falling behind our enhancement shaman and that just should not be happening.





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lol, your Enhancement Shaman teammate is pretty darn good. You can't really come in and say 'help me beat this guy' when you're playing well but he's exceptional. Note that he ranks on nearly every fight. Just because Warlocks simulate higher than any other class doesn't mean you'll always be on top. Your DPS is quite fine and does not require any sort of assistance.

PS: How much does it suck for your group to run with an Enhancement Shaman and two Hunters?

PPS: Multi-dot more on Will of the Emperors! This is one fight that if you get beaten on, you need to figure out what's going on. DoTs on everything ALL THE TIME. Replenish Soul Shards via Drain Soul on Emperor's Rages before they die. You got him on Elegon, though!

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I'll say this, and this should help you feel better about getting edged out by the shaman.

you take a slight hit because you're soulstoning mid fight.

here: http://www.worldoflo.../?s=5775&e=6365

Will of the Emperors

you had to stop execute phase during a bloodlust to stone the pally.

if you wanna get really nit-picky about how you're getting beat, looking at that same fight

you only used DS:M once, and that was during the execute phase. that was a 9 minute fight. you could have had some really hard hitting dots rolling on the two main bosses there

your uptime on UA/Cor/Ag is reeeeeeeally spotty. I realize mobs die, but at the very least your agony should never fall off the two main bosses.

Posted Image

you can see they all almost follow the same stuttering uptime/downtime pattern. Lots of soulburn insta dotting, which is nice, but they keep falling off, which is sad.

looking at your drain soul usage, you are already replenishing your shards well and often. so that's nice.

but yeah, i don't think this is anything you don't know. its just these little things across 5, 6, 7 fights in a row add up to being at the top or not.

Edit: looking at the Feng fight, that is some solid dpsing. i was looking to see how you got beat out by as much as you did, but nearly everything looks picture perfect. i don't know if i would have used my doomguard as early as you did, but that's not going to bring you back up 8K+ dps. pre potting, and execute potting are perfect. i mean. I got nothing to say. that is a beautiful graph to look at.

Maybe glyphing into dark soul would buy some dps bumpage instead of having siphon life.

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Thank you both for such a quick reply, Zagam our team usually doesn't run 2 hunters, the 2nd one was a fill in for our missing mage. Gravyspasm thanks a lot, i'm gonna have to either make a visual reminder or just force myself to use DS more, also yeah that SS was a battle res for our tank, very rarely do we ever have to touch battle resses in MV. Thanks again guys!

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Figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. Gravy and Zagam are right you're looking pretty damned good overall. I've just had a browse of your logs and I have a couple of minor tweaks for you which you can try to bias if you really want to squeeze out those extra few DPS.

1) Pool shards for DS:M and max your Haunt + MG during that time. Obviously you do this well during the initial burn phase, but it doesnt appear that you are prioritizing it after that. Remember, in absence of any boss mechanics that increase damage taken, so long as you do not reach max soul shards, there is no harm in saving them for a 'burn' phase, i.e. your major CD.

2) Know your guild's fight durations (just roughly is fine) and plan your DS:M uses. If you know for example that you are only going to have one more DS:M for the fight, and it comes off CD at 30% boss life, save it until he is <20% and then use it in conjunction with your execute.

3) No idea if you're already doing this or not, but when the boss' execute phase is imminent, (say, within 45 secs), start burning your shards more aggressively. Entering <20% with just one shard or even none is fine, you'll get them back in 6 secs via DS. Just going off your logs it doesn't appear that you are, but of course it's very difficult to tell for sure.

I think most or all of this has been mentioned by Zagam already in his various guides on these forums, so all credit to him for the info and apologies if it's redundant and you were already aware. It's obviously quite hard to do all of this stuff flawlessly in practice, so please dont feel unfairly criticized :P (It's also possibe I'm just not particularly good are extrapolating logs data hahah).

Good luck!

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EDIT: errr, nevermind. I asked how to get that bottom second chart. Figured it out (buffs gained/cast tab, click the #). That's awesome and I had no idea it existed.

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