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Auspicious Spirits.

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Hey all.  It's me again, talking about Auspicious Spirits again.


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m97LpgvwKxjDrC14#type=summary&source=11 (we did kill Gruul, but our recorder was offline that attempt)


I was able to make good use of AS in my fight against H.Beastmaster tonight.  Auspicious Spirits + Shadowy Insight + (mindbender) + Glyph of Mind Harvest.  MB doesn't really matter, I just needed something that wasn't Insanity.  But the rest came together to net me an absurd amount of shadow orbs, 287 over 8:39 (0.553 shadow orbs per second) and ending the fight at 34,579 dps.


Two things I would like to ask.  Do you think my talent +glyph choices make sense?  Mind Harvest's longer CD is largely mitigated by the fact that most of my MB casts were procs anyway, though it very often lead to me generating more shadow orbs than I could use on the boss and I was forced to DP a spear instead of the boss, because my old DP was still ticking =/  (would be nice if DP could be extended the way other dots can.)  Also, does anyone have any advice for more effectively managing this supremely proc-based gameplay?  I'm so used to CoP's deterministic, unvarying playstyle that I was often at a loss for what to do...  Time would go by and I'd either accidentally DP a pack beast or spirits would give me shadow orbs when I already had 5.  I managed my waste in an almost acceptable manner in the last pull, but I still felt like I wasted too many shadow orbs.


My other question is this: what bosses are DPS increases for Auspicious Spirits?  I've heard over and over that VEnt is terrible, so I can't use it on Twins fights, but say for Hans and Franz, is AS better?  Especially given the fact that one of the twins isn't attackable for half the damn fight.  I'm still inexperienced in some of the fights as well, since my guild leader decided after disenchanting half of the crap that dropped in normal, that we were going to start in heroics, normal mode be damned =P


Thanks for your input all =)

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I wouldn't recommend running shadowy insight at all.  Here is a log from our mythic darmac pulls last night.  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kmwPxN1taqDzYpdj#type=auras&source=9&boss=1694&wipes=1 

Some of the pulls I was running AS some I was running CoP.  I also experimented with mindbender and insanity.  The choice between mindbender and insanity is moreso preferential/what your raid needs in my opinion.  Now onto why you shouldn't run Shadowy Insight:  The reason is the uptime on Twist of Fate.  Looking at the log, in total I had an average of nearly 75% uptime on twist of fate.  That's averaging 3 quarters of the fight with a 15% damage buff.  

Onto your second question about fights with AS.  So far, I've ran AS on darmac and iron maidens.  On Hans and Frans, in my opinion, just going SoD and keeping dots rolling on one and single targetting the other has netted me decent results.  There's just so much movement that insanity would be useless, and keeping your dots rolling on one while MSing the other while they're attackable is the best option to me.  For iron maidens I felt AS can be pretty decent especially while all 3 are down on the platform.  Although you can make an argument for just going CoP and SoD and just having dots on 1-2 of the bosses while you single target poor MS'es into an undotted boss, as well as drop DP on a dotted boss to continue MS'ing the undotted.  Most of this is just assumption,  I've ran both on Iron Maidens but was still just trying to get a hang of the fight.  Hopefully next reset I'll be able to give it more of a comprehensive run through as well as figure out what will be best.  Hope this helps! And sorry for it being so long and wordy!


Also I don't feel Mind Harvest is worth it because you're already generating enough orbs from AS if you're running AS and if you're using CoP then you're losing a lot of single target damage on the boss/the beasts

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