Just another random Mage (27*rnd)

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hey, i just build a little random mage biggrin.png





20 minions

+16 random minions

+2 boom bots


10 spells

+ 4 spare parts


yes, u read that right... u get 18 extra minions and 4 extra spells



well, its not exactly 22 extra cards:

2* unstaple portal [+/- 0 cards] (but possibly +1mana)

2* recombulator [+/- 0 cards] (but can be used to heal or simply on a bad random drop)

2* mirror entity [+/- 0 cards]

2* duplicate [+1 card]

2* mad scientist [+1 card, +3 mana] (pretty save to say that it gives +1, since the deck has 4 secrets)

4* piloted [+1 card]

1* sneed's [+1 card]

1* sylvannas windrunner [+ 1 card[?]]


[+10 cards]


if u include the 2 boom bots, the 4 spare parts[2* gnome, 2* tinkertown] and the archmage u get 16+X[Fireball] extra cards :3



this deck has 27 cards with a "random" effect

Clockwork Gnome and Tinkertown Technician, because of the spare parts

mad scientist, because its a random secret, allthou the cardtext doesn't include "random"

duplicate and mirror entity, because u can't rly control it -> random

and Dr. Boom because the boom bots do random dmg


all other cards have random in their card text wink.png


the 3 cards without a random effect:

2* Poly Morph

1* Archmage (for the spare parts)



what do u guys think? should i switch out a few "random" cards? (e.g. for flamestrike)

is the mana curve healthy? would u suggest some other random cards? smile.png


i wantz opinions biggrin.png


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