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Fury gearing question

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Greetings fellow warrior,


Having downed Operator Thogar with my guild i took inv_plate_raidwarrior_o_01shoulders.jpgBlackhand's Shoulderguards.Today inv_plate_raiddeathknight_o_01shoulder.jUncrushable Shoulderplates dropped from the cache of Highmaul treasures and my question is : While at the moment the Mythic shoulders are a 100% dps boost i can't help but wonder if I eventually get a 2nd piece of Tier 17 will it be worth to switch these shoulders to get the 2nd piece bonus?

Basically is the 2nd piece any good for a fury war or should i just wait for the 4th piece?



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The 2p isn't thaaat big of an upgrade for fury (and arms too in that regard), but it will still be worth it to switch out the shoulders if you get your second tier piece, since the stats you lose by dropping the mythic shoulders are lower than the 2p.

This gets even clearer if you're nearing the 4p, since that is a huge boost in terms of fury dps, both single target and aoe wise.

You should keep in mind though, that the shoulder tier spot is still the worst out of the 5 available slots. So comes the time where you have to chose from all 5 pieces, equip the mythic shoulders again and stick with the other 4p.

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