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[shadow] about 6.1

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Hi everybody,

this is my first post and I want to talk about changes that will be introduced to the shadow spec with patch 6.1, with regard for AoE damage.

Sorry for my english, probably there will be some errors ^_^


I always thought, perhaps incorrectly, that Lvl 45 talents were for mobility

SoD = high mobility  Mindbender = mobilty (quite useless) Insanity = low mobility

and Lvl 100 talent were for single/multi target fight

CoP = single target VE = 1-2 target (quite lacklaster in term of DPS) AS = multi target



We can't compare shadow priests with Mages or Warlocks because these classes can switch in different specialization in order to maximize their single/AoE damage or mobility. So we can compare SPriests only with druids and shamans and right now I think its better to include, damage and utility wise, a druid or a shaman in a raid party instead of a priest.

In the new patch they decide to buff our AoE dps, our single dps is average but our AoE is underwhelming comparing to other caster dps class like druid or shamans.

But I think they have buffed the wrong  spell.

They decided that "Insanity (Shadow) now also affects spell_shadow_mindshear.gifMind Sear.". In this way they are mixing mobility and fight type in a single spell. So basically if you want to do AoE damage you have to take this talent otherwise you will still do poorly. The other two talents will be forgotten, or used in very few cases.

In several post Blizzard say that Mind Sear cannot be buffed because people will use this skill instead of Mind Flay in single target fights. But why they do not scale Mind Sear based on the number of targets for example:

Old Mind Sear :

Causes an explosion of shadow magic around the target, dealing 0 Shadow damage over 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target.

New Mind Sear:

Causes an explosion of shadow magic around the target, dealing 0 Shadow damage over 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target. The damage is increased by 10% for each target beyond the first ip to a maximum of +50% damage


So in single target or 2 target fights Mind Flay will still do more damage but for 3 or more targets Mind Sear will go ahead.


What do you tink?


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