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Arms Cooldown Stacking

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Hey, I just picked up a Scabbard of Kyanos, and had some questions about delaying cooldowns of various abilities to line up together. If I'm not using Anger Management, then I have Ravager, Bladestorm/Bloodbath, and Dragon Roar/every second Storm Bolt at 1 minute, Scabbard at 1:30 and Recklessness at 3 minutes. So they line up nicely, sort of. Do I delay my 1min cooldowns to line up with scabbard? Or do I just use them all on the next Colossus Smash after they come off cooldown?

Then, with Anger Management, my 1 min cooldowns are approximately 40s, and recklessness is approximately 2 minutes, but Scabbard isn't affected by Anger Management for obvious reasons. Do I delay every scabbard use to line up with Recklessness and every third Bloodbath, or just make sure to line as many of them as are off cooldown with Colossus Smash?

Thanks for the help, guys :)

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Short answer: don't delay 1 min cds to line up with scabbard (1:30), just stack them every 3mins.

An exception would be the case where the boss would die before you get another 1min cd in. In that case delay it and stack everything for execute phase. But that applies pretty much to every CD you have, so it should be common sense.

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