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Hey, French rogue here, so sorry for my english.


I really love this forum, and guess i maybe can do more dps, so hope you guys can help me !

Here is a log


Question 1 : I see some rogues with pvp weapons, i have them with mastery enchant, is that better than koragh knife ?


Question 2 : I know Sub is stronger than assassination, but can i have same result than a sub 675 with the same ilvl ?


Question 3 : I don't realy understand what to do, i have 60% mastery, 27.61% critical strike, and all top rogue have close stats, but they have more hast, or multistrike. Multistrike enchant is stronger than critical strike enchant ?

Anyway i don't know what to do with my stuff and my optimisation right now.



Sorry for my english.. i do my best

Thanks you for reading !

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Question 1: PvP weapons... I think it depends on how lucky you are with drops in raids. Assassination requires 2 daggers, so if people aren't having any lucky with drops, they can buy a PvP dagger very easily. It's an upgrade over normal Highmaul gear, and not far from normal Blackrock items. 


The secondary stats of crit and mastery also make it look really good for assassination, but compared to the HC 670 Highmaul dagger, which has haste and versatility (our worst stats) it's not an improvement. There seems to be a lot of people who are focusing on secondary stats this expansion, though, so some rogues might ignore the lower agility and focus on the "better" (secondary) stats. Or maybe they just haven't had any luck with weapon drops.


Question 3 can be answered by pointing you towards

It's about the best tool there is for figuring out how to optimise your gems and enchants.


Generally, though, the difference between mastery, crit, and multistrike won't make a massive difference overall.


About subtlety... 


Assassination is a very average spec. But subtlety is strong on pure single-target fights. A good assassination rogue can do better than a bad subtlety rogue, and vice versa, but a decent subtlety rogue will out-DPS a decent assassination rogue on the right fight.

On fights with decent cleave, like Flamebender, you should be able to do more, with proper application of Ruptures and maintaining poisons on the wolves. I try to get the fixating wolf ruptured before switching to the overheated wolf, and switch back to Flamebender to keep her rupture going.


On Hans and Franz, I think 28k DPS at your item level is fine. You used your CDs well. Timed Vanish and your second potion in time for heroism. Rupture uptime is good. I think it's more a case of getting used to the fight and maximising uptime on the bosses, even during all the movement.


For your item level, on HC, the 50th percentile is 26.9k DPS, and you did 28.4k. So you're well above average.

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