Dotweaving NOT like a boss (Help) please

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Read som other threads, but I think I am at a lower level.

Anyway, I used to play in some really good guild back in The day, bossing like The boss I was. I just got back, last content I did was DW HC per nerf. In TBC and WOTLk i was fightning for worldfirsts and later on atleast realmfirsts.

So didnt see MoP and so on.

Started to play WoD about a week ago, used freeboost at a hunter for pvp, rushed 2,2k and enjoyed that but missed PvE. Came in contact with som really nice people that raids on a basis n level that fits me and my life(family) nowdays that craved for a SP.

So I did dig in since I was home from work dock for a week.

Capped conquests, started ring Q, grinded LFR, Normal, BFR Normal etc.

Did as much as I could - feeling I am a fairly skilled player and a known background I should make it . And I do - Learn mechanics and avoid fire is ez.

Do DPS as a SP.... I am just bad.

Normaly I land now at about 16,8-19,8k depending on if I mess up for now.

Normaly I go MB/MS to 4* > MS,SWP,VP > MB,DP,Insanity full>MB,DP>Insanity clipped asap MB off CD.

Exe I just use MB/SWD off cd, DP on 5* orbs and Insanity as filler, allways clipped.

Gear aint optimized in any way - I just have thrown on all I could. I dont have any trinkets - I am pwrking on it.

So, first )

Am I totally lost? Would AS be better then CoP? (I dont think so)


Would you change my DoT W rotation?

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MB/MS to 4 orbs -> MB -> MS x2 -> SWP -> MB -> VP -> DP -> 1 GCD of Insanity -> MB -> Finish Insanity, full channel -> DP -> MB ->1 GCD of insanity, then clip it into a full channel -> MB to cutoff Insanity channel, then revert to MB/MS to build orbs.

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