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[US-BurningBlade][H] <Pallbearers> 6/7 H HM 4/10 BRF Casual Guild LFM Sun/Mon Raids

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We are a small guild of friends looking to pull together a full raiding team and grow to have an active and sociable guild outside of raids. We are an older guild with people in their late 20s/early 30s who hold down jobs, marriages, etc. Anyone interested would certainly need to have a good sense of humor and have no problems with discussion and jackassery of the more mature kind. Almost everyone has prior raiding experience, but we have some new friends learning as we go as well. We would like to progress into heroic raids, but are content to start running normals until the group is ready for the increased difficulty. Many of us also enjoy leveling alts, farming rep, playing through old content for achievements and other goodies outside of raiding. We like to consider ourselves casually serious. We do not have a rigid, rigorous raid schedule but we want to excel during the times we do plan on raiding (readily available consumables, voice chat, strategy input and discussion, etc).


Current Needs:


  • Laid back folks who know how to chill and enjoy raid progression and other content. Rage monsters need not apply.

  • 2-3 Healers. This is our biggest need. 2 primary healers and an offspec healer would be preferable.

  • 1 Tank. Also looking for 1 offspec tank to backup our two primaries and fill in when needed.

  • Various DPS.


Working with other friends and alliances we have managed to complete 7/7 Normal HM and 6/7 Heroic HM. We have also managed to kill 4/10 Normal BRF at this time. Our tentative raid schedule is Sun/Mon 7-10 PM EST. If you are interesting is joining, or have questions feel free to respond here or contact one of the two recruitment officers. in game via mail or whisper.


Dom - Dom#1928

Langrisser - Warsong#1979

Edited by Warsong

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