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Kromog Issues

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Hi guys,


we're currently progressing Kromog HC and it seems that i am the Problem since im dying a lot and i dont really know how to change that...


i'm dying to spiky dmg etc. maybe its my shieldblock usage ... maybe its something else



I am the warrior ofc.


most recent logs:



Mon Feb 16 2015



Thu Feb 12 2015



i hope somebody can help me.


greetings Wax

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Good Afternoon,


Let me begin this post by saying that we have had this guy on farm since the week it came out and he still absolutely wrecks me as a warrior, so I feel your pain. In fact this week is the first week I did not die, and it was due to some of the suggestions I am about to give you.


Kromog has the potential to burst you down any time you do not have either active mitigation or some kind of damage reduction. His kill potential is ridiculous. When you couple that with his armor debuff (armor being our single largest passive mitigation source) he hit extremely hard. With that being said I see a few things with the logs here.


The only external cool down used with any regularity was a hand of sacrifice. With your currect group set up you have four sacrafices, monk bubble, vigilance, guardian spirit, and barkskin. This gives you a huge toolset to use when you do not have either shield block or a CD of your own. It is important to ask for these things because other players do not know when you are hurting for a CD.


Secondly, several of your deaths especially later in the logs were cause by avoidable damage. Slam hits for a bazillion damage, but it mitigated by how far away you are. Since you are a warrior abuse your leap to put huge distance between the boss and yourself (the glyph for a shorter CD and shorter range shines here). You can also pro out by intervene a ranged member then charging back in after the hit. Those 500k and 300k hits will jump down to as low as 80k providing you take these steps. The next issue you had was hitting reveberations after the slam. Those are the small rings that appear after slam and reverberating smash. While they only hit for 60k or so with Kromogs burst potential it's damage that cannot be afforded. Stay out of it if at all possible.


Another point is that you never died from a melee fist of stone combo while you had shield block up. Your usage in terms of frequency is good so I am sure you know this, but even when the other tank is actively tanking the boss still use block when needed to mitigate those cleaves on you.


Finally a small suggestion as to shield block timings. As I stated above the armor debuff is especially danagerous due to it removing warrior largest passive mitigation source. With that being said it it worth sitting on a charge of shield block or even a CD for a few seconds in order to time it with the application of these debuffs. It smoothes the transition from low damage to high damage and gives your healers some time to react to the new damage intake.


TL;DR Use externals by calling for them (I have blood legion cooldowns and addon that can be used to track externals) get out further from slam by abusing heroic leap glyph. dodge circles. Time shiled blocks for debuff application.



NOTE: I am by no means the greatest authortiy on reading logs and on many occasions have asked for help from other people these were just my thoughts after looking through your stuff. Secondly, english is my second language please be gentle.

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Well thank you very much!


Yeah these reveberations were pretty stupid since i often charged right into one after a smash or had 3 stacks and wasn't really able to move away .. ofc there are some i just simply failed to dodge but i guess you can imagine how stupid you feel after a charge into your death :/


the group setup wasnt consistent yesterday since it was just an optional raid but ill look forward on using more externals!


the thing was with the 500k smash as far as i remember that i should have got the life cocoon becaus i had 3 stacks and leap wasnt ready.


but it helps that you point out those things !


thank you very much =)

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One thing to watch out for is the post slam spike. To avoid stone breath I was charging in post slam before my slowpoke dk got there eating both melee hits rather than the ot taking one. This is fine unless you have stacks of warped armor when is can really hurt. Getting a feel for timing your charge and burning a cooldown just as slam hits so it lasts the first few melee is a big help.

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