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Holy/Disc Priest Looking for Advice

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I recently came back to the game after about a year hiatus and have started healing for my guild.  I feel like I now have an understanding of the class and how to get play my class but I consistently feel like I am under-performing and having consistent mana issues near the end of fights.  This is for either spec that I try.


Holy Logs


There is a beastlord parse but I forgot to update my glyphs going into the fight so it might not be helpful



Disc Logs





Armory Link



Any suggestions are appreciated.




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Hey, thanks for the questions.

The main issue I see is your mana regaining spell usage: for one, it is generally advisable to take shadowfiend as a holy priest, since pw:solace doesn't give you the added benefit of building evangelism stacks as it would in disc.

Secondly, even if you take solace, your usage is way low. It had a 10 second CA, and you used it 8 times in the Kromog kill, accounting for only 80 seconds of a 6:38 fight. This means you could have used it 32 more times for a total of more than 100k mana you could have regained... No wonder you're having mana issues! The priest guide here has an amazing solace macro, please use it. The other thing you should be doing is using flash or binding heal to generate stacks of serendipity before using poh.

Also, make sure in disc that you're using the full kit-your shield usage is a bit high. I'd recommend using eaa procs any time you can, using flash and heal to help with actual healing requirements and not casting shields on targets not in imminent danger of taking raid damage.

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