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Shadow CoP Mastery/Multistrike question

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I just got a quick question regarding Clarity of Power for shadow priests in PVE. Where is the sweet spot I should aim at with mastery and multistrike for heroic raiding and perhaps mythic? I currently got 54,86 % 1534 mastery and 20,12 % 998 multistrike unbuffed. I tried to burst dps the training dummy and peaked at 37k and when it was over I had around 25k.


Thanks in advance!

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For a CoP build for current content, I would recommend going more crit > multistrike > haste > mastery.  In BRF, there is so much movement which really lowers the priority of mastery.  Also, on some fights in BRF, Auspicious Spirits is actually more beneficial to use, especially if you have that higher crit.  Overall, I've found that I'd much rather have crit over mastery in pretty much every situation, excluding standing completely still and dpsing; and even then, having crit instead of mastery is negligible. 

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