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Need to improve Ele dps (advice needed, log provided)

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I'm trying to understand why I can't pull more dps than I'm currently doing. I was on the garrison dummy for 10 mins unbuffed and without heroism and didn't go above 17.5k.


In raids its a bit better but I think I move too much .


That's what I'm doing here, linking both wow website char and a log to see if someone can give me some advice.


Char - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/arathor/Sparkwing/simple



Log - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4Pmx9fj62wQbZhtV#fight=1&type=damage-done&source=5


Help is appreciated ;)

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I'll take a closer look later but from what I can see, you're only using 1 pot per fight? You'll want to line up your 2nd pot with Ascendance later on during the fight.


I'm personally not a fan of Ancestral Swiftness. I like using Elemental Mastery since a good chunk of our damage comes from Ascendance.


Something I do is search warcraft logs for other Elemental Shamans with higher parses and try to figure out what they're doing differently. Search for similar ilvl, fight length, and raid size.

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Yes, you're right i',m just prepotting. But it's still weird I can't outpput more dps.


I still think its from the movement. I'm basing it on what Sim_Craft says.... :S

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Being an Ele shammy myself I can see a few things you should change. I hold around 28k to 31k by the end of most fights. 675 ilvl 


   You really need to change Ancestral Switfness to elemental Mastery. It a HUGE thing to pop when you use Ascendance. That's your biggest CD which you should pop at the start of every fight. With Elemental Mastery it maximizes that CD so you get its full potential. With that, a pot,  and a fight where hero is used from the start you should be at the top of the meters if not first al the time. Remember that starting with a high dps is easier to hold than starting with a low dps. Tough to raise it back up. Don't wanna start behind others. Always line elemental Mastery and Ascendance together. They're only a min apart. ( I reach around 65k dps at the start of a fight.


Second is you really need better trinkets. They don't really give you much for your dps. Trinkets can be a big part in having great dps. 


If you are having problems moving then you may be moving to often or to far than needed. Most of he time a quick side step is all you need. Aslo when you are moving then use this time to rest flameshock or your fire totem so that when you stop you can just get right back to the big moves.


Last is that you can change you teir 7 talent for different fights.

Elemental Fusion-single target

Stormwind Totem-fights where you need burst dmg(like when you don't pop hero till late in the fight and its a dps race to kill the boss aka Butcher)

Liquid Magma- when the boss has a lot of adds that need to die fast(Thogar, Beast Master)


Hope this helps!

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