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Blood DK tier 17 4 piece worth it?

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The way I see it, it depends. What it says in other words: every time you take physical damage while VB is up, this damage will be reduced by (at least) 3% of your maximum health. 3% of your maximum health can be a considerable chunk, especially if you have Shadow of Death stacked and/or you do not use VB glyph. It will shine when you tank lots of adds that hit you frequently (Thogar, Darmac, maybe Iron Maidens) or have a DoT that can be mitigated by Blood Shield. On a single slow but hard hitting boss, you cannot rely on the 4p as much.


Also for certain mechanics, Blood Shield is considered active mitigation. If a boss ability needs to be actively mitigated, use VB and you are set.

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So the 2-piece set says: Each stack of Scent of Blood consumed reduces the cooldown of Vampiric Blood by 5 sec.

So lets be conservative here, lets be really conservative and say you'll have a 30% uptime on Vamp Blood. Chugging through those scent stacks its going to knock that CD down after all.


Vamp Blood can be either a constant healing boost if glyphed, or a boost in HP and heals while unglyphed. Quite a nice gain, its stronger healing DS's and more inut from healers.


Now, for the 4-piece: While Vampiric Blood is active, your Blood Shield cannot be reduced below 3% of your maximum health.


Now, lets look at your stamina. Lets throw on a stam trinket, a flask, some raid buffs ok. So you're sitting at 500k HP, nice.

So, now our death coils give us a nice constant Shadow of death (stacking 3% HP boost). Lets say you gain, 20 percent of that.

Now you're at 600k.

Ok, lets unglyph Vamp Blood, so its a 10% stam boost. Now you're at....lets use round numbers here...650k HP.


So, the four-piece gives us an unremovable shield equal to 3% of our Max HP, while Vamp blood is up.

3% of our max HP is 19.5k.

So we'll have a 19.5k absorb shield against every individual attack (add fights, anyone?) made against us while vamp blood is up. Conservatively guestimated at 30% of the time.

So basically we're blocking 20k damage from each hit, for 1/3 of the fight. Conservatively. Rotate your other CDs around that, and we'll be golden.

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