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Destro spec Need Help Please

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i need some help trying to figure out why my dps is so low for my ilvl of 672 as on average im hanging out between 17k to 20k, i feel for my ilvl i should be around 25k to 28k at a minimum.  i have gone over my rotation, my talents, my glyphs.  if somebody can please take a look i would greatly appreciate it.


name: Xandiz

server: Shadowsong


warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/422998/latest#boss=0&bracket=3


mr. robot logs: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/b7a361df-0aeb-44c0-a164-4da03e6e5f76/boss/hansgar-and-franzok/heroic#be=overview,c=19


again any info helps, please.

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For starters you are missing out HUGE on your opener.  For you latest Heroic Gruul kill, you did not pre-pot and you did not cast Dark Soul or any Chaos Bolts until 40 seconds into the fight until after lust wore off!!!  On a side note, I don't think the glyph of Dark Soul is that great for destro. Try playing with it un-glyphed and use an opener somewhat like this:


~3 before pull pre-pot

~1.5 pre-cast incinerate



conflag x2

inciner x4

chaos Bolt x2


from here try and built up another ember or two while potion, unglyphed DS and any other procs/trinkets are up.  Not getting at least 2 super buffed Chaos Bolts in your opener is just asking for bad numbers...Most classes openers play a heavy influence on end of fight numbers.


Really work on your opener...Its the one thing you can consistently do on every fight...do it well.


Aside form that...your immolation uptime is not terrible...usually around 95%...Really should be 98%+ but that's small.  


There were also a few instances where you would use DS and not cast any Chaos Bolts during the proc...and then cast 2-3 Chaos Bolts in a row with no DS up.  Even though they do not hit as hard as they did in SoO, the main aspect of this spec is getting out your Chaos Bolts under as many procs as possible (And proper havoc/cleaving play but these mechanics like opener and proper chaos bolt principles take precedent before worrying about havoc play).


Get used to the 20 second DS window. Your opener and making sure as many Chaos Bolts as possible are cast under strong procs is the thing to practice...go to a dummy and do it...you will get it down after awhile.


Oh and if you don't use an add-on to track procs...please do...At this point in the game, playing a warlock without weakauras is crazy talk.

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I wouldn't follow your statement about Weakauras being that critical, @Drafty53.
ElvUI buff frames, for example, are providing a decent chunk of data about them. It's easy to see your buffs and make decision based on those.

WA is not easy for a newcomer and even a clever player may find himself struggling using it(like me)
However, is a ridiculously powerful tool, especially for Destro. My only WA is made for tracking my trinket proc(Sandman's pouch), and it is essentially crucial for my gameplay.

Going on to logs, besides you lacking the CB usage concept, @Falin, I could only say one thing.

Zero. Havoc. Used..

I mean, just think of it. 
Kargraz is with those goddamn wolves, easy to cleave.
Hans/Franz is 2-target fight. Cleave all day long.
Darmac is made of trash mobs and Cleaves. I made around 60 Shadowburns in our normal kill as Destro.

It is by far your strongest tool. Learn to use it and never eschew.
Destro is weak at the moment if you use it for things like this - singletarget messing with boss.
Shadowburn cleave is the definition of good Destro now. (Maybe some FnB can give you a hand in AoE scenarios).

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Hope that helps.
Good luck!

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Also be sure to use your on use trinkets when you use DS. Shards isn't the greatest for Destro, but still should be used. Just macro it in to DS if you are have problems remembering to use it. 

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Not trying to thread jack, but I came here with the same questions.  Maybe info on my screw ups may help us both.



(as I just noticed, the group I am running with, is not storing logs.  Maybe the old info will be of some use as to what I need to improve)

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