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Hey All – I’m trying to improve my dps when compared to other similar ilvl WW monks.  I compared gear, stats, and rotation to other monks and I believe I am performing them correctly, but my dps is lacking.  I prepot and pot during bloodlust.  I did notice when I compared to other similar geared WW monks on Warcraft logs they do more crit than me (like 8-10%) on most of their attacks.  Not sure if because they have a crit trinket or not, but it is pissing me off not know why!


Here is a recent heroic Gruul log where I did 24k DPS:


Compare this to a different similarly geared WW monk (29k DPS):


RSK has 99% uptime on boss

Tiger Power was 95%, so that should be a bit higher…


I ran simulation craft and it says I should be doing 30k DPS on a patchwork style fight.


My toon’s armory:


Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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The main difference I saw between you and the other monk was that you never really used chi wave. I believe using chi wave on cooldown is a dps increase overall. Logs showed it added 1.6k dps to the other monks overall dps. In regards to the crits I noticed two things, first off the other monk has a crit enchant on secondary weapon, which might make a slight difference. The biggest difference however was the fact that you probably didn't have crit buff in raid. Comparing the logs it looked like your party wasn't 9/9 buffed.

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