[Frost] Mage DPS help, struggle

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I am struggling with hitting my DPS numbers. I feel I am geared right, but obvioiusly I am doing something wrong.





Wow Logs



I know I have one socket missing a gem, I just put that on. It has to be my play style or lack there of.

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One thing I'm noticing right off the bat is that you aren't getting nearly enough Frostbolts in.  It should typically be your primary source of damage.  In general you just don't have nearly as many casts in as you should.  Compare yourself to the other mage in that parse and you'll see what I mean.  Could be several things here: lag, not casting while moving, moving more than you need to.  Frost mages, IMO, are particularly good for mobility, so I'd gander a guess that you just need to make sure you're casting while moving.  Icefloes is your best friend.

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