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What do you think of the bonus T17 MM

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Good evening to all, I wish to know what your opinion on the bonus from :

- Bonus 2 parts : Critical hits with Live 8 points restore additional focus

- 4 rooms The bonus : While Rapid Fire is active, the damage of your critical hits increased by 3% every second

Thanking you in advance for your answer , good evening to 

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The 2pc is ok, it's not going to make or break your dps.  The 4pc on the other hand, is pretty substantial.  3% crit damage per second during RF makes for some really hard hitting crits, and getting a lucky CS or KS at 14-15 stacks will be huge.  Even AiS will see some pretty hefty hits considering it gets 60% (50% after 6.1 on the 25th) increased crit chance.

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