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New Holy Paladin Help

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If some kind Holy Pallys are bored and feel like looking over some of my logs (especially this Thogar fight) and telling me what i am doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.  I am far below the curve for my ilvl and I cannot figure out why.  I've only been healing for a few weeks and obviously have much to learn still.  Thanks in advance!



I don't think I am utilizing my Beacons correctly.  If I have both tanks Beacon'ed, should I be casting Eternal Flame on another target so that it ticks on both tanks and the original target?

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Shock on CD, you shoud cast it more often.

EF with 3 HP on tanks + yourself(if you recive dmg) or another raid member. For most situations better EF tanks and yourself.

Do not use HolyRadiance. For most situations it's hps loss, couse only 15% of heal from aoe going to beacons. And you spend lot of mana. I use it only with AW("wings")+shock proc, so it will heal significant amount+shock buff(2stacks) after it will heal same amount.

Do not use Light of Dawn, hps loss even if it hit 6 ppl.

Do not heal tanks directly. Ofcouse if tank gonna die, better heal him, couse raid-wipe not good thing for your HPS.


I rly hate mrrobot logs, prefer warcraftlogs - easier to read and more info.


If you not low on mana, and you dont have shock-proc, you coud cast some Flash of Light.

Int flask, manapot, intpot.

Int-spirit-crit-haste-multi-mastery/versa your stat priority.

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