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[US-Blackrock][H] <Gearscore Gonewild> SUN/MON 7-11PM CST

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Gearscore Gonewild is a newly formed 2 day guild on Blackrock, Horde. 
We are recruiting exceptional players to fill our raid team for WoD. 

Despite the ridiculous name, we're serious about raiding. We are founded by three people (and their friends) who used to be part of a ZA Bear group that had a 100% success rate. We have extensive raiding experience from TBC through late Wrath, doing mostly 25 man heroics/hard modes. At this time, we were in a 3 day guild that was consistently 2nd or 3rd on our realm, competing with 5 day guilds. 

When do we raid?
Sunday and Monday, 7PM-11PM CST.
Since we run such a short raid schedule, attendance and punctuality are extremely important. Researching fights before the first attempt is also extremely important. 

What do we want to accomplish?
We want to be competitive with guilds who run much longer raid schedules. We powered through Heroic Highmaul and earned AOTC achievment as a guild of 15 core members.
Now, we will be doing Normal/Heroic BRF raiding. Once we have established a solid team of 20, we will move on to Mythic. 

Do we recruit a bench/backup squad? 
No. Every raider will be on the raid team full time. 

What classes/roles do we need?
2 healers.
2-3 dps
We may have a healer or dps swap specs to fit the needs of a given fight, but we will not be swapping people around during a raid. 

How do you join?
Send an in game mail to Zessur or Awktanehef on US-Blackrock. Convince us why you're a good fit for our guild. 
Your current gear level is infinitely less important than your raiding accomplishments in the past. 
We are a guild of adults (college age and up) and we would like to keep it that way. Exceptions might be made for an exceptional player who is more mature than his/her peers. 

Do we do anything other than raid? 
Of course! Several of us are big fans of PVP. Expect RBGs and arenas to happen regularly once we're all level 100.

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