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Guardian Druid question about Kromog

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Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this question.  Kromog's autos split their damage as a cleave.  I've noticed that these autos can be dodged.  As a guardian druid this is a main way I mitigate damage.  Does the damage still count as being split or am I simply pushing the whole hit onto my other tank?  I'm sure this is easy to test, but I have no current way of doing it.  

Please help! 

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Looking at WarcraftLogs on one attempt, I believe this is not the case, but there is a minor thing to clear up.


Kromog's melee attacks are not split; instead, his melee essentially always procs an ability called Fists of Stone, which is split. This leads to a different set of questions:

  • Is Fists of Stone dodgeable? Yes. I found I dodged it about 9 times over the course of the fight (I wasn't actively trying.).
  • If one tank dodges FoS, is the other tank penalized? No. Whether I dodged, absorbed or fully took the hit, my co-tank always took the same pre-mitigation damage. (You'll find it's very rare for damage split mechanics to penalize dodge/parry, but not unheard of.)
  • If the melee attack is dodged (or parried), does FoS proc? Yes. You cannot appear to cheat out of FoS procs via Savage Defense, etc. - if the melee is dodged or parried, FoS is still triggered to hit the 1-2 targets. In addition, the melee and FoS are separate - dodging/parrying the melee does not guarantee mitigating the next.
  • That said, GoE + Savage Defense seems particularly powerful here. The boss appears to have a ~2 second swing timer, and FoS hits .1-.5 sec later in my logs (but likely hits server side on the shorter end). This means that a single 3sec/100% SD could mitigate up to 4 hits as the current tank (melee, FoS, melee, FoS) - on normal, that's about 430k pre-mitigation damage for 50 rage! Combined with GoE's high uptime and low rage cost and the fact that post-Slam you can dip low, this seems like a winner. The Inconspicuous Bear has a post with some advice on timing.

I'm trying to find a swing timer addon to help plan GoE-SD and Bristling Fur - these extremely short mitigations are new to me. If anyone knows of one that works, let me know.

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The addon, Quartz, contains a swing timer that is very accurate.

I have quartz; I believe that is player swing timer. I want a boss swing timer. I'll check though.

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