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[MW] Healing role and Tier 17

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Starredswan @hellfire here. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/hellfire/Starredswan/simple


I've been raidhealing on my monk since almost the start of WoD, and been very, very effective at it. I usually get the same HPS as my other healers (rdruid, rshaman, hpriest). Yes I know, this is not the best composition, but we've cleared 7/7 hm hc with it and are on 9/10 n brf.


I do have some doubts on the influence of the T17 set bonuses for MW monks. The 2set multistrike buff with SM would mean we have to be single target healing for it to be effective. The 4set works also pretty well with single target healing. Would this mean that MW monks will become tank healers instead of raid healers? Tank healing is still very expensive for us and the 6.1 MT nerf will only increase our mana issues on that point. (AoE healing means swimming in mana though atm).


I'm curious to what other MWs think about this, so please let me know :D

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Hey there.


There is a really good explanation on Mistyteahouse, on why our 2 bonus is in theory kinda op and still solid in practical use. http://mistyteahouse.com/2015/02/22/mistweaver-dicussion-2-set-bonus-in-depth/ .


Imho 4 Set is kinda boring much like Pool of Mists. It's one of those, do something you do anyway and get a bonus things. I also don't see it turning us into Tank Heal. Since in the 45 sec TfT recharge, we should have plenty of time to weave in a Surging Mist here and there. At least in our Raid I get the Chance to Soothing + Surging someone more often than I'd like. Which at least for me turns TfT into 2 free Chi every 45 sec, which is as said boring but good. 


Also since I am still at 3/4, has someone checked, if 1 Surging Mist which procs both Multistrikes will get us 1 stack or 2? Is it limited so 1 Surging Mist will never get us more than 1 stack?

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Thanks for your reply. I did not know of that site, thanks for that ^^. 


The 2 set is OP, but i guess I've been using it wrong then. Here are some of my logs.


(I had to keep the tank up in the iron maidens fight during the bomb phase, which is why I have a lot of enveloping mist usage in that fight).

Do you spot any major flaws in them? Or even small min/max things which can improve me being a better monk?


The thought of us tankhealing occurred to me because the 2 set has so much synergy with our single target healing while it requires a lot of preparation and possibly a less optimal healing pattern when used to do aoe healing. The 4 set also helps with this, since it triggers on surging mist, which is our fast, expensive, single target heal (to put it in blizzard's terms).


The 4 set bonus does not proc double on 1 surging mist sadly sad.png.


 Edit: I can confirm that the 4 set bonus does indeed proc double on 1 surging mist when they both multistrike.

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