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I switched back to hunter after not playing it for a few months, and I am starting to get serious about raiding, so I need to learn to read logs...


we did 2 bosses of BRF last night before switching to heroic Highmaul




I am looking at The Butcher, and I was playing Huntasaurus


I know I did better than Falhnar because I kept up in dps despite being 13 item levels lower, but from looking at the logs I have no idea what it was that I was doing better.


Can anybody help me with this?


P.S. like I said I haven't played hunter for a few months (since the changes in 6.0) so if you see anything I'm doing wrong feel free to point it out



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I saw that, and according to that I did almost everything right (I wasted 4 focus throughout the fight so I can do better on that), so I guess the only reason I am ranking so terribly is because of my awful gear?




(I know I know, no enchants, I just hit 100 3 days ago and I'm not enchanting gear I'm replacing in a couple days)

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