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Hello - New to Boomkin need feedback

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Hello Everyone,


I'm making the change from Rogue to Moonkin to fill a raid need.  I was hoping for some feedback to help me improve my play. I have the Weakaura Eclipse Bar posted on the mmo forums and a multitude of Weak Auras set up, but I feel like I'm still messing something up based on my numbers .






Below is a recent log for me:




I have been playing balance for about a week and have done two raids so far.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I try to get up to speed.  Thank you!

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First thing I noticed gear wise is you're missing a bracer gem and neck enchant. So you're gonna want to get those take care of right away.


Sadly I'm not very good when it comes to going through logs (something I've sought help from in this forum quite a bit). Make sure that you are getting your opener down pat. There are plenty of threads that say what to do and when to do it.


Other than that, hopefully someone will come along soon with some more info for you!

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Hi there, thanks for the reply.  Yes, I got both of those pieces mid run.  I have since enchanted and gemmed them.  I found the post on restokin really interesting about Starsurge usuage.  I think I really struggled with my usuage and thus my empowerment time was probably pretty low.

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Hello Stru,

In general you are struggling with the same things like every one else here asking for help: The Openers and basic gameplay.
Please also check the  [balance] WoD 6.0 Guide: When the Stars Align - Guide and the other topics at this forum.

So here what I saw at Oregorger and Thogar:


- You double cast Mondfire at the begin of the fight. A single Mondfire cast is enough.
00:00:01.727    Stru casts Moonfire on Oregorger
00:00:03.073    Stru casts Moonfire on Oregorger

00:00:03.471    Stru casts Moonfire on Operator Thogar
00:00:04.791    Stru casts Moonfire on Operator Thogar

- Always Starsurge before casting your very first Starfire

- Dont use your 2nd, 3rdc etc Inc/CA while being in Suneclipse, always wait until you reach Lunar

- And use your 2nd Inc/CA/pot (which you havent at Thogar)

- Dot uptime good at Thogar, bad at Oregorger. Keep them up.

- You did not really dps Oregorger in his rolling phase for about 35 secounds. But you could. 90% of the time he will be in Line-of-sight if you place yourself in the center of the room. You being able to Dot him and cast Starfires and Wraths at him while he is rolling (once the crates had been nuked)


Tip for Maidens:

Maidens is a 3 target (Most of the time) fight. Keep Starfall up as most as possible.



Important to say is, basicly you understood what Moonkin is all about. You Starfall when you have to and you SS when you have to. You mostly keep Dots up on every target (Hans/Franz, Maidens) Thus being a Moonkin for a week youre not that bad. As mentioned above, read the guide and some other topics and gather some gear asap...and practise Opener...then you will be getting better.

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Hi Bonita,


Thank you very much for your reply!  I do have a problem with double moonfiring. I forget I macro it to CA and then hit the stupid moonfire keybind right after casting it >.< 


I will continue to work on my opener but I really appreciated all the information.  I found the guide here and the post on Restokin about appropriate starsurge usuage really helped me.


Thanks again for your time.

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Hello again Druid community,


I think I have my single target in somewhat of a good place for only a few weeks in, but I'm struggling on what i thought the bread and butter of Balance DPS is, AOE.  Can someone look at these logs from a normal BRF and tell me if you see anything glaring?  Thanks!


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fz7Q4cxd2DbXFLKZ


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Stru/simple

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Yes indeed Gruul looks pretty good now.


In general. Those normal fights are very short compared to heroic. Also you have 4pc of t17 (reduce CD of CA)..with such short fight lenght its hard to give good advice....its generally hard to analyse multi target fights :)

I havent really deeply checked your logs, but I will name some things and if you can answer to yourself "I did", then you did everything good.




- found nothing really bad here..fight is simple too short (normal difficulty)

- I have no idea how fast you can deal with gresping earth and if they potentially "die" too fast if you DPS more, but try to DOT more of them and keep Starfall up aslong as these hands are not dead (esp for Heroic)



- Watch your Dots. Sunfire only has 90% uptime

- Keep both Dots up on Spears (I guess you are not focusing them. Good.)

- Keep Starfall up if you have Boss + atleast 2 Spears available

- Starfall for every Packbeast and try to Sunfire 1 target so it will apply to every beast

- try to INC/CA and CA (4pc t17) when Packbeasts spawn



- Dotuptime ;) (89% / 72%)

- Starfall for adds

- Sunfire for adds

- Same here. Save INC/CA and CA for adds (if possible)



- Keep Starfall up while having all 3 targets

- keep Starfall only up in Lunar while having 2 targets

- Except for Bosspull only Starsurge if you are about to cap your 3 charges (in Luna only ofc)

- You forgotten your 3rd INC



- keep Starfall up

- Keep both Dots up on every target in you range

- could have used INC 3 times - only did twice

- and use INC with CA only. Your 2nd INC had faded before you used CA

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Do you hold off on Thogar/Darmac on using INc/Ca until the adds come out?  As in, should I not be using it for my opener on those fights?

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hey Stru,

yes and no. :)

Yes I do use INC/CA for Adds, but not for the first add spawn because of CD from Bosspull.. Always start your Bossfight with your INC/CA opener. There would be a huge amount of DPS loss if you would not use them at pull.

Afterwards you should wait for adds when you want to use your 2nd INC/CA and later 3rd one

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