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Hey Wow Peeps,

We put these together for Highmaul and many guilds found them useful so we're posting the ones we've completed for Blackrock Foundry so far. They are visual guides, fight explanations, weak auras and kill videos for the first 7 bosses of Highmaul on Heroic (Iron Maidens going up shortly--sorry these take a lot of time to write and design and we want to make sure our strats are sound). If anyone needs help figuring stuff out or just another strat that might merge with your own check them out. We hope guilds find them helpful again. You're allowed to link, repost or share any images, just throw us credit.

Heroic Gruul

Heroic Oregorger

Heroic Beastlord Darmac

Heroic Hans'gar and Franzok

Heroic Flamebender Ka'graz

Heroic Kromog

Heroic Operator Thogar

Check out our twitch streams:




GM Misshap I am frapsing a lot so my stream is not always up when we're working on progression. o__O

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I edited out the part about guild recruitment, because it should go in its own separate thread in the guild recruitment section.

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