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Flame shock Buff and Unleashed Fury

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Hello, I have a short question about Flame Shock. I often read that I have to buff my Flameshock with Unleashed Fury. I don't understand why I have to because when I made some tests my Lavaburst does a lot more damage with Unleashed Fury.


Can anybody tell me why this is written in a lot of guides?


Thanks in advance.

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The guide here is out of date and even further now with the latest patch.  Not sure if the wowhead one is up to par or not with 6.1 but I believe and don't quote me because I haven't had much time to play my offspec (elemental).


If you take the unleashed fusion talent then you want to buff 2 stacks of that w/ unleash before applying flame shock because it multiplies.


That said I'd read the wowhead guide as the unleash talent is situational depending on the exact spec you pick.



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    • By zagtastic
      hey all.  i created an account here to share a WeakAuras custom group with you.  the purpose of this group is to track relative Flame Shock strengths and help the player maximize both FS and ES damage.
      it does this by showing at any given time whether it is ideal to use Flame Shock or Earth Shock, and -- additionally -- how strong an FS cast at that moment would be in comparison to any existing FS.  this allows the user to intelligently determine when to refresh FS (which may be beneficial even without unleash flame buff), calculates when letting FS fall off is worth it, and generally facilitates more ES usage than the commonly used priority rules.  my expectation is that using this to determine whether to cast FS (or ES, if you make it that far down your priority queue) will at least marginally improve nearly any enh shammy's dps.
      what it won't do:  1) improve your FS uptime, 2) tell you when to forego or delay casting a shock (i recommend separate trackers for UE CD, Unleash Flame buff, and current FS duration), 3) inform regarding any other skills or where in your priority to use shocks.  it is ENTIRELY answering the questions: "if i'm going to shock now, which should i use?" and "if i were to cast FS now, how strong would it be compared to my current FS"?
      functionally, there are 4 states:
      -- shocks on CD, nothing shows
      -- should use flame shock, UF active, saturated FS icon with colored text showing the % power vs existing FS
      -- should use flame shock, NO UF active, desaturated FS icon with colored text showing the % power vs existing FS.
      -- should use earth shock, ES icon with colored text showing the % power of a new FS vs existing FS
      note that these values can change extremely rapidly, as buffs, procs, etc are acquired or expire.
      "power" is determined by checking SP, spell crit, spell haste (an additional tick at every x5%), mastery, UF buff, and any static (all) damage multipliers.  see below for specific logic and code snippets.
      here is the WeakAuras import string:
      whether you should FS or ES is determined by a simple system, if any of the following are true FS, otherwise ES:
      1) FS is not currently on the target
      2) UF is active and refreshing FS would be at 100%+ of existing FS
      3) UF is NOT active and FS would be at 110%+ power of existing FS
      4) current FS will expire during Shock CD period, and the new FS power ratio is greater than the ratio of current FS duration to expected downtime.
      5) current FS will expire during UE CD, and the new FS power ratio is greater than the ratio of current FS duration to expected downtime.
      however, while i am a software engineer and original vanilla WoW player, i am new to LUA, WeakAuras, the Shaman class, and dynamic math theorycrafting.  i would appreciate testing and feedback, as well as a review of the key lua bits and the assumptions that i have made.  below are code snippets.
      damage/power code:
      use FS or ES code:
      feedback, pointers, suggestions appreciated.  sorry for the ridiculously long post, but hope this helps some of you.
      lastly, giving credit where credit is due-- this is based on stenhaldi's feral druid dot tracker, available here: http://fluiddruid.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4446&start=25#p18611
      edited to update code and WA string.   made a few minor fixes and did some cleanup.
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