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Retribution low DPS, need advice

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HI there,


I need your advice, I'm tottaly lost.

My dps is very very low, i use the rotation cycle as definifed in the site.

I search everywhere on the net and didn't find a single clue about what's wrong.


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


This is a link to combat log :




This is a link to the armory :



Thank's in advance

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Cloak is unenchanted, but that alone wouldn't hold your DPS back as significantly as it is; your problem is your weapon, period. Average iL670 with an iL 645 weapon is a huge problem. If you've got a Blacksmithing friend or alt and you can get up the Savage bloods, you can easily get an iL 660 weapon (iL 670 with a third upgrade after today's patch).


I also dug up a log from a Gruul kill of yours, and you appear to be misprioritizing Judgement over Crusader Strike. Doing so delays your overall generation and expenditure of Holy Power, slowing down your overall rotation.

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Thank you Grognard

But based on simdps (simulationcraft tool) which is made with my current stuff, i'm too low.

And I don't find where it's coming from.

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