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I have had problem with DPS, its not where I think it should be with my gear and I wondered if there was anyone here that has the time to look at my logs and armory and know where and what im doing wrong? I know my trinkets sucks tho, but the rest of the gear should still make me be higher on the DPS list.

I should be able to pull out more DPS with this gear but still im in the bottom of every raid. I use the rotation recomended and I think i have the stats right.

Anyone who knows what i should do, PLS HELP!






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At a quick glance of Gruul, Crusader Strike usage is obscenely low. It looks like you're either prioritizing Judgement above CS, or you just have a lot of time off boss - neither of which are healthy for your DPS. Delaying CS in favor of Judgement is delaying your overall HoPo generation/expenditure cycle, slowing down your gameplay more than it should. Do you use any sort of rotation helper addon? It may help to prevent this misprioritization of abilities.

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