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Our Resto-Sham

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Hi. Coud you tell me pls what our rsham doing wrong? 

Thing is, i do not play Rsham and they not often guests in our raids, but it couse of all Rshams have hps like 30% lower than other healers.


Also i shoud tell - he was resto in HM, but we respec him to elem for myph HM and BRF. So he dont have lot of expirience, maby he miss some basic things?



Also this fight:


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Hello, Elarion.

First of all, I want to assure you that resto shamans do not have hps by 30% less than other healers. I will not start a discussion here because it wasn't your question, but this is just not right.

Regarding your shaman:

He lose at least 15% of his overall HPS not dropping his Healing Stream and Cloudburst totems on CD. For the 9 min fight length it had to be 18 casts of each, while he had only 4 and 5. Same for the Farman wipe: had to cast 14-15 times every totem but casted only 7 and 4.

Normal CBT percent from overall healing is around 7.5%, your shaman has only 1.6%.

HST normally is around 2 or 3 place on healing done, your shaman has it somewhere in the end.

They do not cast Elemental Blast on CD too. Far from It actually. For example in your Iron Ladies fight they casted EB only 11 times, while it should be 35+... EB provides a very nice buff to secondary stats, not only to Spirit - it should be casted on CD if possible or close to it.

Earth shield didn't have 100% uptime which is wrong.

Main CD usage is bad - one cast on Healing Tide and Ascendance. Should be 3 and 3 in the 9 min fight.

If your are their RL, you shouldn't prevent resto shaman from using their main CDs - they do more than 20% of overall healing.

Riptide uptime has to be higher too, aiming for 100%.

There are two more things that I didn't understand: who's the reason for your shaman not to use Chain Heal - it's pretty weird and why they didn't dispel on Darmak - I saw only 2 casts.

I would like to look at his gear too if it's possible, he logged off in ele spec unfortunately.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to ask :)

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Thx for answer, it help a lot. I am not RL, but i helping with recruit, and sometimes i am not shure about r-shaman in raid, couse of their(players) bad heal. I didnt saw good r-sham since i start raid in wod, thats why i was thinking its class-problem.


But as u said, its their rotation problem, not class problem. So it's mean, i shoud find good player, or our players shoud start play better.


About CD - for most fights, they coud use it freely, without RL command. Seems they waiting "critical moment" or smth like this to press their CD.

About chain-heal, i was wondering too, i check lot of logs before post here, and saw chain-heal on first place in healing done. They told me "we go oom too fast", seems they go oom couse of bad using EB, or couse they just spam it. If i understand right, they shoud cast chain-heal, than cast 2 HealingWaves or Healing Surge with TidalWaves buff. Than cast chain-heal again.


We dont dispell dot, couse right after it, boss disorient 3 targets, and after it dot fades. Seems they cant dispell it faster than other healers. But probably we shoud assign ppl for disorient and other healers shoud dispell dot. There was no rly big problem with this, so we do not bother ourselfs =)


I do not have more questions, you told me lot of things. I will tell this for our shams, and i coud just drink tea and eat cookies when they will heal raid xD


Thank you =)

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