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Duo + disc Priests

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Hey guys I just wondering I could get some advice, How compatible  are disc priest as healers  when it come to another disc priest or 2 or more. I think that it is totally dependant ont he number of  raiders but  anything less than 15 a Disc priest just can't perform. But  I'm not very knowledgeable so yeah  figured i'd  come ask the masters.


Thank you for your time.

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I'd say that two disc priests in raid is not a big deal, but it's better to divide their zones of responsibility in this case. For example, one disc takes CoW and focuses tanks and melee group, while the other one stays on raid with WoM. 

I healed even in PuGs with 3 discs ^^, but it's just silly to do when you have a constant raid group. In this case it's much better to spec one of the priests into Holy.

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You have it right.  I think 15 is a good number to have in a consistent raid group to support one Disc.  Beyond that 2 is fine w/ coordination and less than that one should go Holy.

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