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I am posting because I know my brother won't post. He has 662 gear, and I thought he should be able to pull more than 23.5k dps on a fight like butcher, but AMR has him in the 92nd percentile for his ilvl, so maybe its not as bad as I thought.

Open to any advice on spell usage, talents, glyphs, etc. is appreciated.

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Death Siphon is not recommended, because of its cost. Death Pact should be better for all specs. He also has a lot of Crit, which is not a good stat for Frost DK's, because of Killing Machine. 


On warcraftlogs, he is at the 42% percentile, but that might because DW is the weakest of all DK specs. 


Rotation wise, I can't help more than the Frost DK guide on this website. 

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