ok questions about either fury or arms...

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Basically I have switched to dps MS tank OS.  Ive got the tank stuff down now.  I got the heroic 2h weapon off ko'ragh sunday night.  I have a 636ilvl weapon with no crit as well.  Now that being said I have 2 1h weapons with crit.  Would I be better off as SMF or TG?  So a 670 MH and 636 OH or 2 645 weapons? 


I was also thinking about going arms.  I have always liked arms and enjoyed it a lot.  With a 670 weapon as arms I would think my damage would be pretty nice.  I have mastery on almost all my gear and not enough crit IMO.  As TG im sitting at i think 17.37% which I know isn't enough.  Thus why the question about switching to arms.  I have to keep a tank spec so switching between them is out of the question.


I would link armory but i logged out in tank gear last night.


You can see my gear although i have some other pieces without bonus armor for those slots.

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