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Skip Plague Strike in frost rotation?

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Mostly because I dont have enough direct keys (without modifier) Im trying to simplify the work for the main rotation. With 7200 damage and 4000 attack power (average) with 645 gear and 2h weapon (would it work for DW?):

- Plague Strike + 10 tics in 30 secs + 1 unholy rune = 3600 + 9456 = 12456

- "half" of an Obliterate + 1 unholy rune = 23220/2 = 11610

Difference = 12456 - 11640 = 816


Suppossing you are using Plague leech (25 sec cooldown) to fill that missing frost rune you lose about 816 damage each 30 secs (27 dps) which for isnt that much in enchange for finaly being able to fit the main rotation in the main bar and stop using other keys for it and then getting better raid/pvp awareness.


What I want to ask you if this math is correct or if Im missing something and if its correct what do you think and if its good for pvp. I would think that it also works for pvp since the disease can be dispelled and never gets to the max of 30 secs.


Thanks you

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TL;DR: If you want to completely ignore Plague Strike in your rotation, then you would use the Glyph of Outbreak (no CD, but a 30 RP cost), which is only worth considering for 2H Frost, but still yields a slight DPS loss.

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Your math is flawed. You're forgetting about plague strike generating runic power so it's a little more of a dps loss. There's no reason not to use it. Frost has a simple rotation with a lot of downtime already so there's not a large gain in ability to be aware with it.

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