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WW Set bonus help ! 6.1

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    • By Reco
      Hello all,

      I would like to get some opinions about  Legion order hall set bonus for retri paladins. As you all know at 6 set bonus it gives 500 strength, and at 8 set it has a chance to give 2000 haste.
      My first question is; is it worth to equip 1 or 2 bis items even it means you lose 6 set bonus?
      Second question is; my haste is 29.87% at the moment, recomended haste for retri paladins is 30%, is it still beneficial  to get 8 set bonus? Or is it not worth it?
      Thank you all.
    • By Ghalt
      I'm wondering about the value of the T17 2pc for Arcane mages.
      Currently I have the 670 Chest and 670 Legs.  
      Chest is equipped but I also have 685 version of Leggings of the Molten Torrent.  (not sure how to link showing the upgrade)
      Seems like the 2pc bonus isn't worth it compared to the additional stats on the higher ilvl piece.
    • By Stealth
      Is the 4 set bonus for assassination rogues actually worth the effort....
    • By Archimage
      I'm currently gearing my Enh shaman, and was wondering if I should replace my (Head/ Shoulders / Chest) Warforged Ordos gear with pieces that will give the set bonus.
      Here is my armory
      Should I replace them with the set from Flex? or Normal?
      Ignore the PvP gear, they are going to be replaced with SoO LFR gear.
    • By LobbyBoy
      Found some infos about upcoming PvP and T17 set boni:
      Item - Paladin WoD PvP Holy 4P Bonus (New) Reduces the cooldown of Hand of Sacrifice by 10. Prot:
      Item - Paladin WoD PvP Protection 2P Bonus (New) Targets hit by your Hammer of Justice take 1% more damage for until cancelled. Ret:
      Item - Paladin WoD PvP Retribution 2P Bonus (New) While Avenging Wrath is active, you gain Righteous Determination. Righteous Determination reduces the duration of all incoming crowd control effects on yourself by 50%.
        Item - Paladin WoD PvP Retribution 4P Bonus (New) Spending Holy Power imbues you with Vindicator's Fury. Vindicator's Fury increases your damage and healing by 1% per Holy Power spent for 8 sec.
      Item - Paladin T17 Holy 2P Bonus (New) Increases the healing of Word of Glory and Light of Dawn by 10%. Prot:
      Item - Paladin T17 Protection 2P Bonus (New) When Grand Crusader activates, your armor is imbued with Faith Barricade. Faith Barricade increases your bonus armor by 10 for 5 sec. Ret:
      Item - Paladin T17 Retribution 2P Bonus (New) Increases the damage of Crusader Strike by 10%.
        Item - Paladin T17 Retribution 4P Bonus (New) Using Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm empowers you with Crusader's Fury. Crusader's Fury increases all damage dealt by 5% for 5 sec.  
      What do you think about it? 
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