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Hi there :)

I'm fairly new to simcrafts (At least doing them myself), so i might do something totally wrong.

But when i simmed my hunter (currently fully gemmed for SV with multi), in BM specc, with multi enchants and gems i got higher results, than when i changed all gems and enchants to haste or mastery. Am i doing something wrong or?



Also have a scales of doom (HC) in my bags for SV specc, dunno if that is better than coin for BM.

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This is because your simulationcraft global settings is set to pure single target. In single target, haste starts to diminish in value fairly slowly while multistrike and mastery remain consistent. Any time you add more targets into the game, the value of haste will increase dramatically during the duration of that target being up. Mastery will increase as well, and multistrike will not increase as much. With the amount of multi target fights in BRF taken into consideration, this is why haste is recommended as our best stat. Your higher results for multistrike gems and enchants should be very close to gemming haste anyway, so it isn't a bad idea to gem and enchant with multiple targets in mind. You won't lose out on much single target DPS.

I limit myself to around 1400 haste before I start using mastery enchants, which seems to be ideal on 3 targets.

You can go to the globals page and adjust your target count or add some lines somewhere in your generated profile that describe add phases in the simulation if you want to simulate your character on similar bosses to the actual game. You can find out more in simulationcraft's wiki on google code.

Damn this took a long time to type out on a phone lol.

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