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Doing BM wrong?

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Last night while on Heroic Maidens (I was not part of the ship group so it was consisten DPS on the bosses), I decided to go BM.  First pull I did about 38K DPS (33% wipe) and 2nd pull I did right at 41k (40ish% wipe).  Well seeing how we wiped twice for whatever reason, I decided to just go back to my normal SV spec and all the sudden my DPS was 60k sustained from start to finish of encounter.


I only got a couple of BW resets and I am still lacking a 4 piece.  I do have the micro trinket, but I fail to see how between it and execute phase my dps would go up by another 20k+.


Am I just doing it wrong?

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No logs = no way to help you.

Sadly our logs cut out after wipe 1 for some reason.

Is there a way to sim my gear in both specs?

I tried to do it myself but it dosn't pull up my bm spec

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Import the armory with active and inactive specs, or underneath one import type the following:

talents=000(whatever talents you use, 1 is the left, 2 is middle, 3 is right, you will need the last 4 talents)

You can do this for any spec, just change what is after spec=, and make sure you name it correctly (after copy=)

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