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[BALANCE DRUID] Need Help. DPS/Rotation/Opener

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Hello :)


I just rerolled to balance druid a while ago and i seem to be struggling pretty hard when it comes to dps, opener and decision making. So i thought i ask you guys for advice and help.




Latest Log:


My current opener is:


4s: pre-pot

3s: inc

2s: ss

1s: CA+Trinket

0s: MF/SF

Starfire x2


Starfire x2


and so on


Any kind of help is highly appreciated :)


kindest regards,



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I merged your two topics. You can edit your help request by using the Edit function.

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Hello Djorkaeff,

checked your logs. here we go



- Sunfire uptime 91% -> Keep it up to close 100

- At bosspull you didnt Moonfire after CA, you did 3 Starfires before Moonfire.
00:00:01.260    Djorkæff casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:01.271    Djorkæff casts Void Shards
00:00:01.271    Djorkæff casts Nature's Vigil
00:00:01.676    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire
00:00:02.763    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:02.763    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire
00:00:03.904    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:03.904    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire
00:00:05.379    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:05.379    Djorkæff casts Moonfire on Gruul


- Although you know the correct opener, you havent played it. At bosspull you did 4 Starfires but only 2 of them where Empowered. Use Starsurge before you cast the 3rd Starfire


- And then you did cast Starsurge twice.

00:00:00.044    Djorkæff begins casting Starsurge
00:00:00.044    Djorkæff casts Starsurge on Gruul

00:00:01.260    Djorkæff casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:01.271    Djorkæff casts Void Shards
00:00:01.271    Djorkæff casts Nature's Vigil
00:00:01.676    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire  <- Empowered Starfire 1
00:00:02.763    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:02.763    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire  <- Empowered Starfire 2
00:00:03.904    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:03.904    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire  <- No empowered
00:00:05.379    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:05.379    Djorkæff casts Moonfire on Gruul
00:00:06.562    Djorkæff begins casting Starfire  <- No empowered
00:00:07.996    Djorkæff casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:08.424    Djorkæff begins casting Starsurge  <- Starsurge 1
00:00:08.424    Djorkæff casts Starsurge on Gruul

00:00:10.179    Djorkæff begins casting Starsurge  <- 2nd Starsurge
00:00:10.179    Djorkæff casts Starsurge on Gruul


- Do not MACRO Inc and CA together. The same reason why you dont do this at Bosspull. INC has a GCD, where you wont be able to cast MF or SS or anything else for 1,5 secounds....Thats a 1,5 secounds loss of CA, your potion and your trinket.

00:03:29.228    Djorkæff casts Draenic Intellect Potion
00:03:29.525    Djorkæff casts Celestial Alignment
00:03:29.525    Djorkæff casts Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
00:03:29.544    Djorkæff casts Void Shards


- You did use your 2nd Inc/CA at 03:29 while being in Solar Eclipse. Thats a hugh dps loss. Wait until you reach (or about to reach) Lunar, then activate INC and CA (afterwards) and Nuke target with SS and empowered Starfire

00:03:29.228    Djorkæff casts Draenic Intellect Potion
00:03:29.525    Djorkæff casts Celestial Alignment
00:03:29.525    Djorkæff casts Incarnation: Chosen of Elune

00:03:29.544    Djorkæff casts Void Shards
00:03:29.544    Djorkæff casts Nature's Vigil
00:03:31.042    Djorkæff casts Sunfire on Gruul
00:03:32.159    Djorkæff begins casting Starsurge
00:03:32.159    Djorkæff casts Starsurge on Gruul
00:03:33.282    Djorkæff begins casting Starsurge
00:03:33.282    Djorkæff casts Starsurge on Gruul

00:03:34.366    Djorkæff begins casting Wrath
00:03:35.562    Djorkæff casts Wrath on Gruul
00:03:35.562    Djorkæff begins casting Wrath
00:03:36.729    Djorkæff casts Wrath on Gruul


- And as you can see above you did Starsurge again twice. No No!


=> In my opinion you have lost atleast around 4-5 k dps(e) in this fight


Just some short things about Oregorger:

- Low Dots-uptime. You can keep them also up while he is rolling. Just stay in the center area of the room. He will be in 90% of this phase in Line of sight...

- ...where you can also continue casting Starfires and Wraths to him

- 6:24 killtime but only 2 Incs/CAs. You could have done 3

- your opener here was better then at gruul but still false. After you use Inc you want to use either Starfire or SS...but only did twice..then you used CA-> MF-> SS -> SF

- 2nd use of INC/CA was good. But you forgot to MF him first. (and again, do not use INC/CA as one macro)



proper macros would be:


#showtooltip Celestial Alignment
/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Moonfire

ShardofNothing+Berserking+pot+Starfire or Starsurge

/use 14
(/use Berserking)    <- youre not an troll forget that
/use Draenic Intellect Potion
/cast Starfire

/cast Starsurge



Good Luck and feel free to report back anytime

Edited by Bonita

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thank you very very much bonita smile.png


another question: in the opener i use CA when i am at the peak of lunar right ? or do i use it right away to get more starfires off ?

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No problem, anytime.

You use CA when you enter Lunar (what you are doing when bosspull) and not at Lunar peak.

The reason why not at Lunar peak:
While having CA buff active, your CA grants you Bonus damage (100% Lunar Eclipse) the way as you would have an peak at the moment. So It doesnt mather where at Lunar you hit CA...
BUT ....

After CA buff fades from you, you will still then have a powerful Incarnation based Lunarphase going straight up towards Lunar peak (more DPS). Would you use CA at peak it would be a DPS loss after the CA buff fades, because your Lunar Eclipse gets weaker while moving to Solar


EDIT: the same is vaild at your 2nd / 3rd etc use of INC / CA in the middle of the fight

Edited by Bonita

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For Maidens I actually dont know it,....yet. Some much discussing about 6.1 changes, but not much logs / number given for a clear answer available yet


For me, I will stick to Euphoria tonight for testing purpose.. I wanna see if it is still good enough. Until next week / next ID there will be more data to analyse and then I will choose based on newest data


For you, as an "new to Moonkin" player, I would recommend you:
Use where you feel the most comfort with and where you can do a solid state of DPS without having issues in playstyle


After checking the 4 best Rankings for Maidens done yesterday by Bunnychaser, Bamba, Newguyit and Ayer I saw that 2 of them where using Solar Flare and the two others had BoP.


So I'd say I will use one of both. Probably BoP, just because I am not practiced well enough with an additional Spell to use (Stelar Flare). Need to practise this first at the dummys

Edited by Bonita

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Hello Djorkaeff,

So I was testing BOP on Maidens last Thursday night and I must say, I was pretty comfort with it. Although my Overall DPS(e) sucked, cause of being dead for a while and the necessary of a raid damage stop, I felt very OK with my DPS while living and damaging.
Next ID I will test Stelar Flare

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ok im going to use it aswell then :) and thanks angain for all your support you really helped me alot, although we only did nhc after i wrote this topic i felt way more confident and got 100k dps openers. still have to do some work on that dot uptime though unsure.png biggrin.png


tell me how it went when you used Stelar Flare :)

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Very nice to hear about your 100k opener. Your on a good way


Yes, no problem mate.

I will let you know with Stelar Flare

And feel free to post a new log at any time.


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Hey Djorkaeff,


really nice DPS on Gruul. You got yourself a 90% DPSRanking for your itemlevel-bracket and a total of 80%. really nice.


Theres two things i noticed for Gruul what you missed:

- As you already said, you Moonfire uptime was only 89%. dont miss to refresh them

- You forgot your 2nd use of Inc/CA/potion


Oregorger you did also very nice. 90% for you itemlevel bracket and total 77%

- SunFire Dotuptime 82%

- but really nice moving in p2 (rolling phase). You had him in range for most of the time being able to continue casting spells onto him


At Thogar you still have DPSissus, becuase of

- Dotuptime

- forgotten to use 2nd INC/CA/pot (you should use it when adds arrive with train)


At Beastlord you didnt perform well.

Here what you made wrong and what you could do better:

- keep them Dots and Starfall up on the spears at any time

- try to Sunfire the pack beasts when they spawn.

- 6:33 fight but you only used INC/CA twice. Hit it at 3:00 when CD fades (yes I know your guild did TimeWarp at 05:30, which means you wouldnt be able to INC/CA during TimeWarp if you use the at around 03:00. But it is more a DPSloss if you didnt use it 3 times). The day your Guild manages to kill him at heroic below 06:10 fight lenght you can save your INC/CA for Bloodlust/TimeWarp

- Do not waste an SScharge for Solar Empowerment at this Boss. Use if for Starfall only and if you can afford it for Lunar Empowerment only

- Dont INC/CA in Solar (you did at your 2nd INC/CA). Only use them in Lunar Eclpse

- Always reDOT spears with INC/CA up

- try to wait some seconds for Pack Beasts spawn to INC/CA again and DOT them (if possible)

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Okay :) ye you really helped me a ton :) darmac is by far my worst boss somehow. even though its like a "boomy paradise" :D


and thanks again for all your advice :) i really appreciate it ! :) looking forward to the next id.

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