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DK health problem?

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Haaaai! Im wondering if someone can help me out cause I am really confused about something.


I have a ilvl 664 Blood DK and my health is pretty low: 328.3k. Blood presence is active, Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle is active and obviously fully repaired. The BiS trinkets are mostly strength based because thats the DK's main stat next to mastery and Bonus armor.

I just dont get it! Anyone who can help me? Maybe I should gem stamina instead of mastery? Thanks! Mizzdeath

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328k at that item level is ok, you should stay gemming for mastery and eat mastery food. It will jump higher in combat, once you stack some Shadow of Death. In all of Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, you will probably not find a single boss / ability that justifies having high health over using active mitigation or cooldown. Hard hitting abilities like Impale on Kargath or Crippling Supplex (from 6.1) are shining examples where you need to use those.


Gigantic health pool will mostly only frustrate healers who may try to top you up. One stamina trinket is fine if you feel you need more health. Generally you should not be concerned about how much HP you have - rather focus on mitigating and using CDs. Encounters are designed in this way.


In all fairness, stamina gets better value once you complete 4 pieces of tier set. It works passively (as long as you have Vampiric Blood up) and is a nice complement to your survival. Active tanking however will still help you more than 3% of your maximum health shrugged off every hit.

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