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healadin help

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Howdy, so at a quick glance, my opinion is that in a 10 minutes fight, their HS count was low. 77.. 6 sec cool down, if used on CD should get a minimum of 100 in a 10 minutes fight. That's not including procs for second. That's a perfect world though. It also looks like there is a ton of healing done on tanks, which is a HPS loss as healing non beacon targets heals more people at once (if only for a percentage of the main heal). In emergency situations of course, keep tanks up. Light Of Dawn, healing loss. Not sure the HP, should be used for EF. Also, avenging is nice for big burst healing times, but sanctified wrath should be your go to as 50% CD reduce on you main healing CD meaning more use will provide more healing output. That's just a quick overview. I'm sure someone could go in to more detail but this should help.


Like Elarion taught me from reading his posts, use wings on first aoe damage then on CD there after (or as close to CD as possible while trying to line up a bit with big dmg).

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