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Holy Paladin HPS issue (was top 20 on world of logs and Realm first in cata)

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Hello Guys, 

After alooot of search and trying to figure out what im doing wrong, im here to try my "luck" one last time, unfortunate im thinking in even quit holy paladin, since my hps is not even close or competitive, as you will be able to see im my logs.

So first of all, im sorry for my bad english, im not native!


Second of all (kk) i was a good healer in a few xp back, i was in a hardcore Realm First raid group (KeydTeam) even i was ranked top 16 in world of logs, and i was able to solo heal firelands. with that im mind im not a bad healer, and maibe is somethiiing really dumb, or some big mistake im doing.

I stopped playing wow after firelands and just came back now, i know a loot of changes had happen, but since i started to play, im not feeeling comfortable with my spec and not at all with my hps.

My talents are the same of top healers and i try to keep my talents comfortable to a specific fight. 

My rotation is pretty simple, HS on cooldown + crusader strike if close to boss to build HP, after 3 HP spend in EF if just one target hit or LD if more than 4. i never heal tanks (beacon targets) if they are 60%+ HP i prefer to heal another (any) target

About my cooldowns my raid group plays for more than 5 years together so all our cooldowns are set by raid leader (or in death situations)

So lets go to logs, (you can check old logs looking for my char name)




One think that i would like to check is my avg hit of my healings spells, i really think that is kind of low,

HR 6.7k per tick
LoD 4k per tick

Please anyone try to get my "mojo" back!


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No enchants at some gear, or bad encahnts.

Wrong talants and glyps - http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#KCUZZznssC5WJ

Wonder what "top-pallys" you check. You coud pick divine purpose only with 4 tier bonus, and even so, it's not 100% pick. Main idea of DP - you cast EF or LoD with 2 holy power, so you coud prock tier bonus and DP for free-3hp-cast.


I check this fight - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/J2jhNVBzMqTLrmCA/#type=healing&fight=2

You shoud press trinkets more often. Probably you want rotate them with your 1.5min cd AW (AW+first trink-AW+second trink-Aw+first trink). So main idea - press trink more often, on cd idealy, but always one of them shoud be with AW.


Do not use CS, usless for us now.

Do not use Judgment.

Do not use Holy Radiance.

Do not use Light of Dawn.

You coud remove this 4 spells from your panels, thx blizzard -)


Cast HolyLight more often. It shoud be lik 90% HolyLight and 10% Flash of Light. You burn your mana too fast.

Your rotation will be:

1)HS on cd

2)Holy Prism on CD if raid recive dmg, use it at enemy. Also you shoud cast it twice with AW buff.

2)EF with 2-3HP on tanks, yourself(2xheal) or raid member reciving dmg(dot on beastmaster for example).


4)Flash of Light ONLY when player will DIE without this heal. For example - when Beastmaster do AoE, you shoudnt use FoL, couse this AoE cant 100-0 anyone. You spam your standart rotation.

5)AW with glyph, press it when raid recive first hit and start heal with rotation. Try use it on cd, you coud delay usage by 10-15 sec, if you know high dmg will come at this time. AW give you lower CD on HS, do not forget cast it often to heal ppl and build HP.

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No time to analyze logs sorry but a few tips.


Higher grade gem in bracer.

Higher grade enchant on neck.

Higher grade enchant on ring 1.

Enchant ring 2.


Unbreakable for Clemency, dbl 30% dmg reduce is amazing.

Unless your raid leader is a healer, he should pass that job to a designated healer as healer would know the best where/when to use cooldowns. That's what we did, and now we rarely have issues.


Macro your trinket in with AW. Have the other one on your bar. Use them as much as you can regardless of what 'on use' benefit they add. Using them at wrong times is better than not using them at all (or not enough).


Merciful Wrath, Hand of Sac. 2 Glyphs you should swap to, drop beacon as it's most likely rare you move it, ever, and flash of light just doesn't cut it in PvE.



Yeah CS is a waste of a global.

Judgement is only beneficial if you are using selfless healer, which, to be honest I was enjoying early WoD and was doing quite well, but once you gear goes up it can't compete.

Holy Radiance (in my opinion) is usefull is you just AW and there is heavy raid damage and ONLY if you ranged or melee are stacked. If those conditions are met you can cast 1 or 2 but don't spam.

LoD is just useless, even with the T17 procs. EF is nice, but LoD is just so weak it can't compete. and if you're spamming 1HP EF or LoD to get procs you're just wasting globals left and right.


*Pretty much everything Elarion said, my page didn't reload to show his post until after I posted my reply :( *

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