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War Prot DPS TC

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Hi folks,

I'm quite new in War Prot theorycraft and i wanted your opinions guys on how to improve my War prot DPS. I know it is not its main goal, however, this is an interesting aspect of the war.


Let's talk first about DPS for single target fight : what should be your first dps souce ? what should be your most used spell ? What is, generally speaking a good/optimised repartition of DPS by spell ?

Let's try an early analysis on a Grull HM basis with gladiator stance/bloodbath

Here is my sheet 


Here is what i think i could improve :

- I have to use Heroic strike especially when ultimatum s up. Here i totally did not use that spell >> Dps loss

- I think my generic rotation looks good but i feel i could used revenge and shield slam more...

My generic Priority list is (i use the spell whenever available is that order) : Execute>Victory rush>Shield slam>revenge>devastate>Charge>Heroic throw with bloodbath whenever available

I miss Heroic strike that i should pop when ultimatum is up.

What about spells like berserker rage : i use it whenever available. How could i improve this ?

What about talents like dragon roar ? Better than storm bolt for single target? What about  Heavy Repercussions  vs   Sudden Death   vs  Unyielding Strikes. I always use the heavy repercussions for any fights ! Would another one be better ? What about the combo Unyielding Strikes/Heroic strike at 6 stacks ?


Feel free to have a look at other bosses DPS on BRF HM and give me a hand/advices on dps : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/J2N6VnPYmkavj43L#type=damage-done&targetclass=Boss&boss=-2&source=147


I don't mention glyphes, nothing really exciting.. Same thing for stats, still on Bonus Armor > Mastery>Crit


Thanks for TC advises :)

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