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Paladin tank getting 1-shoted in BRF

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Hello, guys.

I need a help for our paladin tank. He is our raid tank for years and always was fine. But recently (exactly from the start of BRF) he's getting 1-shoted all the time. We just can't kill bosses. Gruul, H&F, Flamebinder, name what - he's dying. We can't understand what's wrong, we use external CDs on him and he uses his mitigation (as I already said, he's our tank for like 7 years), maybe somebody here will be able to help.


Logs, more logs



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Hello there Pandacho :).


Here you can see your paladin tank, is using SoTR which is fine, but i take it it wasnt the first stack of Inferno Slash ( as he has defensive abilities used abit before) and that alone isnt enough, externals should be used here! Grull hits like a damn truck.


And for your second log it is simple lack of healing (and external defensives aswell) as the dogs breath hits like a bulldozer.

560k dmg taken over 6 secs & there was no defensive up.



I cant check gear as he is currently in retri gear :)


(as far as the logs goes i cant find any defensive externals used at the times of death)

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I reccomenf you addon DeathNote, so he(and you) coud understand why he is dying. For most fights there is cant be oneshot if he do all properly. If he got shoted - he probably stack some debuffs or standing where he shoudnt.

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