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Disc priest looking for help

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Note, this is Zenfoldor, the hunter/warlock, posting direct words for my friend who cannot post this because he is behind a work firewall/ipblocker that affects this website. These are his exact words and he can email me responses to your questions. He asked me to post because he is very frustrated. His words:


Maybe we can fix my play style for disc. I know I am playing wrong not having enough Penance  and AA up time along with too much POH I think but maybe I missed something bigger or glyph or gemmed wrong I don’t know. I think I might do a lot of LFR’s this weekend and try and learn Holy....


I need some help


Latest Gruul kill as a baseline:
The rotation changes but basically  I use 90 lvl talent on cool down, Spam Pw:S on people, use Penance as mid-range heal. Smite a  few times and pop wings to crit heal either with PoH or a Flash Heal and use POM when I can.  My level 100 Talent is WoM most of time but, I use CoW on Hans and Frans and other fights just depends on how our other healers are playing. 
I don’t think I am under preforming to the other disc I think I am under preforming as a whole or on par with other priest at my  current item level IE: Warcraft Logs Ranking Percent
I am getting a lot of complaints that I should be topping the meters as disc and I do sometimes  but the meter judging has gotten a little worse just wanted to find out how to improve as whole not just on the meters.  Our raid runs two disc priest and I know having two disc priest in one raid is not ideal and that is hurting me some but I am almost always a close number 2 on the meters. I know you can’t judge healing on the meters it’s not like dps but the rest of my raid does not see it that way. So any help on what I am doing wrong or can improve on would be great.
I appreciate the help.


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After reading his stuff, I think he mis-characterizes the raid. The vast majority of the raid, including leadership is not judging anyone strictly on HPS or even having a problem with Sanx. He is wanting to improve for himself and for the healer core who may have some sort of internal stuff going on that he is referring to as the raid.

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Hello, guys.


From what I saw in the Gruul log (4:58 fight length):


1. 6 casts of Archangel - should be 9 (+30% actually)


2. PoH is not paired right with EAA and has a lot of overheal - used in wrong times on wrong people.

As you can see here your PoH has only 42% Crit, when on this heavy damage fight it should be paired with EAA and have 100% crit. Otherwise it doesn't worth its mana and better just to shield specific people.

Same about Overhealing. You PoH did 75.5% overheal, that makes it a complete waste of mana and cast time.

Here you can see my usage of PoH in Gruul fight - 100% crit and 26% overheal. 


3. Only one usage of PI - it has to be twice.


4. Hard cast of PoM - you shouldn't, Holy Nova - you shouldn't, 8 offensive Penance - definitely no.

PoM and Holy Nova are just a waste of mana - in the same time you could shield 2-3 people.


Penance: on this heavy damage fight you should use Penance for heal, not for building Evangelism stacks (I think this is what you were doing). If you were struggling with Evangelism, it's because of very low usage of PW: Solace. It should be used on CD. You have 12 casts, should be 29 or at least 25+. 

So here is a double problem: because of low PW: Solace usage you were struggling with mana during the fight and had low Evangelism stacks.


Spamming unnecessary PoH messed with your mana too.


Casting PoM while having WoM in talents - I don't see any reason for it.


5. You could have more casts of Cascade too. 7 casted vs 11 possible.


6. You used Flash Heals a lot, which wasn't exactly right in your healers composition. You had 3 throughput healers - shaman, paladin and druid - it's their work. Your work as a disc - to prevent damage by shielding people, not to heal after the damage was done.


I hope, it was some help. I'm glad to answer any further questions.


PS: I looked into the log of your other disc in the same fight. It's really not my business, but why did you bring him to the fight? He was doing literally nothing except of spamming PoH, Smiting boss and even shot his want (really?). He was completely OOM after 2 minutes of the fight and was doing what? Running around with his wand? 

Sorry once more for the harsh words.

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