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Ele looking for insight EM/EoE

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I am unsure about EM vs EoE since the changes in 6.1 and hope you will help me and maybe give me some further advice.


According to Simcraft my dmg should be highest using EoE/UF/SE but it's been lower than before using EM/UF/EF.


I know that there will be some improvement as I discovered Hekili just today and used weak auras before which have obviously not been perfect and I need some more practice to get used to the changes of EoE. Furthermore I need to change my weapon enchantment back to multistrike instead of mastery as I am now below 50%.


My Gear (did wear a 655 back Multi/Mastery during the kill):




my Log:



compared it with:






So he's got a little higher AVG, more multi and used as far as I see EM/UF/SE and makes 11k more DPS than me.


My activity and FS uptime are even higher than his so is it really just using EM instead of EoE and my missing multi weapon enchant or am I missing something more?


I also found this guide for BRF but I am not sure if there will follow some more updated regarding EM/EoE.




Looking forward to your input - thanks a lot smile.png

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