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Low Ret DPS for gear?

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I'll start of by saying that I'm fairly new to Ret paladin, I only started playing it as an alt at the beginning of WoD but I strive to play it well. 


I feel like my DPS isn't even close to what it should be for my gear, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Hoping you guys can give me some pointers.


Here's a log of a full BRF HC run we did this week: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/J8q1rcMmQCLYdwAD


Armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Nokodumm/simple


Things to note on the log: Before Furnace I didn't have 2 set and before Iron Maidens had a 640 Skull of War rather than the Maidens trinket I have now. I also DCed on the maidens kill so I know that DPS will be terrible, I was out of the game for probably 4-5 minutes in total on that fight. I also know that on Operator, and some of the other fights I forgot to switch to Seal of Retribution when spamming Divine Storms into adds (Operator Thogar for example). On blackhand I also seemed to be doing pretty bad DPS on the previous pulls, then on the one that we killed it I was doing a lot more (before I got knocked off at the end)


Where can I improve? and just out of interest, how much of a DPS increase is 4 set?




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Hi ,

Try paladin can be awesome so don't be put off by little errors here or there , but what I would like to know is what adding are you using at the moment, I looking throgjh this post on my phone so cannot look at loggs at the moment.

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Looking specifically at Gruul and Darmac from the log you linked, I'm really only noticing two things - one each with your ST and AoE rotations. For ST, you sat in SoR the entire Gruul fight; easy mistake to make, but it definitely cost you. For AoE, you didn't appear to use HotR at all - unless you were ordered to ignore adds, though that does not appear to have been the case.


Now, looking at HanFran for cleave, some larger errors. Should have stuck with ES on that fight as there is a lot of time where one or the other isn't available to justify LH, and all the movement would mean you can't guarantee even one would get full effect. You also appear to only have cast DS when you had EDS procs when you should have been weaving FV and DS every opportunity while both bosses were available.

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