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New Hearthstone wish to build itself - help me?

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So i've been playing Hearthstone for few weeks, quietly practicing away, learning the changes that happen since beta(long time ago, i know right?) hoarding some cards, gold and dust and im comfortable now to pick a deck and starting building it.


I've got 1000 dust and i want to build a trualy useful legendary. I'm currently debating between Shaman or Warlock deck mainly. Warlock is nice due to upper hand regarding cards and Lord Jaraxxus is AWESOME but on the other hand Shaman for some reasom seem more versatile with AEO, Single-target, silence and hex + all the minions(for some reason i LOVE Spirit Wolves.


I've got Lord Baron, Fel Reaver, Anima Golem and Hogger as potential dusting option to fill rest of the dust i need to make 1 leg and fill the blanks on other cards(such as Defender of Argus).


Since i've only been interest in Meta and hearthstone and ALL of this for only few weeks, i rather like to know if it even makes a difference? 


Any suggestions, tips and help would be appreciated.

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