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Need tips to improve!

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Hey guys!


Will someone be so kind to look my logs through and tell me in which points I need to improve? Would be awesome! :)







My rotation is as follows:

- Always keep Slice and Dice up.
- Always keep Revealing Strike up.

- Killing Spree on CD (With my on use Trinket)

- Adrenaline Rush on CD (Except when Killing Spree is close to come off CD).

- Marked for Death on CD when Killing Spree is on CD.

- Vanish on CD. (And Ambush).

- Sinister Strike to build CP.

- Eviscerate with 5 CP.


My opener for most fights:


- Stealth - Ambush

- Revealing Strike.

- Sinister Strike to 5 CP.

- Slice and Dice.

- Sinister strike to 5 CP.

- Killing Spree with Trinket on use and Draenic Agi Potion.

- Eviscerate

- Marked for death - Eviscerate

- Vanish - Ambush

- Adrenaline rush.

- Normal rotation. 


I may have missed something (:


Thanks in advance!


- Nöö

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I will Nöö look at your logs, Nöö.


Get teh joke? Get it, get it? Nöö? l:




Let's get started.




Glyph of Deadly Momentum? Um, Nöö. Just Nöö.


Starting with this log. You had MfD as T6 for this entire log, so I'll comment based on that. (Pick Anticipation, it's way more forgiving and better to manage, MfD provides way too much CP loss due to RvS procs - even more with 2-piece)




- SnD: 98%, good. Aim for those 2%.

- Revealing Strike: Are you serious? Nöö? 11.93% is ABYSMAL. You got a 2-piece, you're just not using it at all because you don't have RvS up. You MUST keep this up 100% of time. But for now, aim for 90%. Once you hit that threshold, try going for 95% and so on.

- 4 Vanishes on a 4 min fight. Would've been a good number if you didn't forget to use Prep. Then it'd be 5. Also try to line up with your trinkets/Deep Insights. Just don't delay too much if your trinket had just procced or if it'll take a while for you to go in DI (just entered Moderate or it'll take too long for you to pass to DI).

- Deep Insight: you lacked using Eviscerates inside DI. It's a huuuuuuuuge DPS gain to slap Eviscs while that.

- Sometimes you casted MfD right after a Evisc, but you did nothing with the CPs for a good while (~8s), except on Lust where you hit Evisc right away - did right on that one.

- Why you Berserk on Killing Spree? I mean, you keep auto hitting while KSing, but that buff has a better effect with Adrenaline Rush than anything else.




- SnD: 80%. You were nailing it on Gruul, you can do good. Keep consistent.

- RvS: 73% is a huge increase compared to 1st fight, but gotta improve. Again, 2-piece going down the sink. Use it.

- No Prep usage.

- 4 Vanishes. Could've been 6.

- Berserking + KS.


Bitchlord Darmac:


- SnD: Back to 98%, good.

- RvS: Nöö? ¨Yës, ÿës! 95% is really great (compared to your previous fights). If you keep up like that I'ma give you a kiss. Just remember to not spam it too much. It lasts 24s, so you gotta apply it up starting from every 7s left on the skill (thanks to Pandemic).

- Preparation comes in the scene! Still, poor usage of it with Vanish. Pop Prep RIGHT after you pop your first Vanish (in a high damage period i.e. Deep Insight). At least it became part of your rotation. - 7 Vanishes in a 8 minute (almost 9) fight. Should be at least 10 times with Preparation.

- 8 KS and 5 Adrenaline. Could've used more Adrenaline Rushes.


Operator Thongar:


- SnD and RvS up to a good level. I suppose you just needed some heating for your engine kick in.

- Too many KS, too little AR. This is becoming a pattern to watch for.

- Berserking + KS nope. Use with AR.


Hans & Franz:


99% on Revealing Strike? Give me your address, I'm sending you a kiss. Excellent! Amazing job on SnD too.

- Vanish more. Prep more. Don't be afraid of using Preparation.

- KS and AR. Use AR more oftennnnnn~


Assbender Kagraz:


Again, excellent job on your buffs.


- Berserking + KS, etc

- Prep yadda yadda yadda. Vanish quantity was good for the fight time (6 min with 6 usages), could've used a bit better timing to get Deep Insight, but this fight was a good one.




You were doing so good, why did you stop? RvS from 99% went down to 48% @ boss (59% in general). What happened? SnD has been well kept up, nothing to say about that.


- Good Berserking + AR usage. This is how you should use, IMHO.

- More AR.

- You should time MfD for DI periods, best usage. Since it takes at least 30s to ramp up and 45s min to end it, you'd end up with 15s window where you couldn't use it. Add other GCDs to it and you can almost line up MfD for every DI. (Psst, use Anticipation)


Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maidens, get it? God, I'm good at this joke thing):


RvS good @ 94%, lacked a bit of effort on SnD (88%). Too bad it was a wipe. But hey, at least you Died With Your Boots On.

- 9 Vanishes on a 11 min fight. You know what I'll say.

- Again, 10 KS to 6 AR. Moar AR, I know you can fit them in.




I believe that your issues can be easily fixed with proper usage of CDs. If you noticed, only on first log, most of problems repeat on each fight, so it's a matter of training on these points. Pick few friends, set up a heroic dungeon party and go practice (since it's better to fight something that can hit back than a dummy), and you'll end up becoming proficient at whooping ass with it.


I didn't look at your second log because I gotta go home else my gf will kill me, sooo... If you do Nöö mind, I might check it some other time or then someone more experienced than me (Carrn and co) can check it out for you.


Take my comments with a grain of salt, and I hope someone else also add info to contrast with mine. I'm in no way owner of the truth and I'm on 100% percentile, but from what I've experienced those are staples on getting better DPS, even if in small portions.


And also for what I said to teh other guy that I wrote to, Combat is a frantic spec, but play it slowly. If you try to keep up a frantic pace without grasping the basics of the class (which are few points easy to understand, but hard to master), you'll end up having a poor performance.


Play slow, play smart, and absorb the mechanics. You'll end up reacting to things without even noticing, and your DPS will skyrocket and you'll be able to make puns with your lovely nickname.


I Nöö, I Nöö, I rock on those jokes.

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Lol Lip, you said all of that far better than I ever could.

Mostly because I'm Nöö good with those jokes

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Wow lipsinch! Huge thanks for taking your time and giving me a heads up! Really appreciate it!


But damn do I look bad when you lay out those numbers on some fights. I think my problem sometimes is that I watch for mechanics too much and less on my actual gameplay. Guess it's just a matter of getting used to the fights so the boss mechanics are well placed on my spine :p  But thanks, will try to improve according to your post.


Again, thanks!

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Cool bro. Back in MoP when I started playing Combat, I barely used KS and AR because I didn't know about it's CD being reduced by finishers lol


Once a friend taught me how to play, I skyrocketed on damage. Too bad I started having problems with my hands due to too much repetition.

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Once a friend taught me how to play, I skyrocketed on damage. Too bad I started having problems with my hands due to too much repetition.


Play Sub, be cool, no more carpal tunnel.


And did I mention you're cool when you play Sub? :D

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Play Sub, be cool, no more carpal tunnel.


And did I mention you're cool when you play Sub? biggrin.png


That was back in MoP, lol.


Nowadays I'm Sub for lyf. (Only Combat for PvP 'cause faceroll KSredbuffYOLO)


Anyway, I'm going into a hiatus. Gotta study for employment exams. If I pass the tests and get called to work, I'ma get 14k bucks. :v


Thing is I gotta pass the damn test.

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