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Terrible Arcane DPS, need help

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I have been playing arcane for a long time, especially in MoP, and now in WoD, i am running arcane/fire spec. But, my dps is sub-par, and i feel like i am doing something terribly wrong, as my dps is way lower than a similar mage friend that is at 40k+.


Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Akaash/advanced


Here is a gruul log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cwzxGFkdY1PKV2Tg/


Is there certain things that I am doing wrong that I could fix my DPS problem? Thanks in advance for help.

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Hello Akaash,


i just had a look at your logs, and here are the things i can advise you , from the easiest to the hardest things :


-First of all, you should use a second potion during the fight, preferably during your second arcane power phase. Easy DPS gain.


-Your rune of power time is okayish, but you can do better. There is a roughly 20 s period where you didnt have it.


-However you casted rune of power 10 times during this fight, which is 8 times too much. You should have two runes of power ready at the beginning of the fight, and refresh them when they fade out, but on a fight like Gruul, you have no need to cast this spell 8 times. All you need to do is just navigate between the rune where you should always be (packed close to Gruul), and the rune where you should move when you are petrified, or when there is an overhead smash. There is no need to be somewhere else during this fight.


-I don't see any use of ice floes. Although you should not use it that much during this fight, it is a DPS gain when you are targetted by petrifying, or overhead smash.


-Ideally, your second arcane power should be in phase with your third prismatic crystal, especially if you know that the fight won't last more than 6 minutes.


-Try to check if you use arcane missiles at the good moment (ie when up during your burning phase, whenever you are below 93% mana during your conserve phase). THis is maybe the most difficult thing since you really have to think about it all the time.

I hope that this helps!

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