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D3 Worth Coming Back?

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I quit playing shortly after I beat D3 when it was released for PC. After being a long time D2 player, I felt it didnt live up to the legend of its predecessor. Many things I feel were left out. Like world PvP and the arena mode they had showcased for so long. I eventually got bored and stopped.

I guess my real question should be, what has the new expansion added that makes D3 better? Is there still no world PvP? I miss town guarding :)


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Blizzard did talk about adding PvP (Team Deathmatch and Arena), but it was not included in the initial release or RoS. The only form of PvP now is brawling(Free for All). Rumor is that it will be in the next expansion . . .*rumor*


PvP will need some SERIOUS balancing if it is released.

The only way to compare your skill to other players are the Greater Rift Tiers.



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      A new Beta Build has hit test servers yesterday. You can resurrect in Greater Rift runs instantly and the time is now directly added to the completion timer.
      Instant GR Resurrection
      On live, every death in Greater Rifts increases your respawn timer by 5 seconds (up to a maximum of 30 seconds). Patch 2.6.0 changes things around a little, and the time is now directly added to your Greater Rift completion time.

      Screenshot is a courtesy of redditor Oagoz
      New Necromancer Legendary Items
      Many new Legendary affixes have been added to the game for Necromancers and you can find them here (again, screenshots have been mady by Oagoz).
      Instant resurrection in Greater Rifts, Necromancer Class Sets & more.
      Patch 2.6.0 Build 45183
      The testing primarily focuses now on Necromancer Class Sets, because they've just been added to Adventure Mode. Below are full patch notes with latest changes highlighted in red.
      Blizzard (Source)
      PTR PATCH 2.6.0 - v2.6.0.45183
      Below you'll find the preliminary notes for Patch 2.6.0, including the Necromancer beta. Please note that this isn't the final version and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.
      Please note that content availability during the beta will vary depending on testing needs.
      New Feature: Challenge Rifts Explore new builds created by fellow players in a weekly static dungeon. You can access these through the main screen, similar to Adventure Mode and Campaign Mode. Note: New Challenge Rifts may be available more frequently during the beta. Classes
      New Class: Necromancer As a master of the dark arts, you wield the powers of life and death necessary to restore the Balance! Necromancers are powerful spell casters who lay waste to their enemies using curses and reanimation—along with an obedient cadre of pets. This new class employs a controlled gameplay style using the raw materials of life: blood and bone. Skills Corpse Explosion Base Rune Target an area exploding all corpses within 11 yards dealing 150% 250% weapon damage to enemies within 20 yards Close Quarters Explodes corpses close to you, dealing 200% 325% weapon damage to enemies within 20 yards Corpse Lance Base Rune Target an enemy to summon projectiles from nearby corpses that cause 750% 900% weapon damage to the target Land of the Dead Base Rune All corpse skills can be used at will for 5 10 seconds Army of the Dead Base Rune Raise a massive skeletal army to pummel the targeted location dealing 3,000% 12,000% weapon damage in a 15 yard radius Frozen Army Weapon damage increased to 3,600% 12,000% and they attack all enemies in a line Dead Storm Raise a storm of the dead that surround you damaging enemies for 2,000% 15,500% weapon damage over 5 seconds Unconventional Warfare Damage increased to 50,000% total weapon damage Catatonic Grasp Has been renamed to Blighted Grasp Has been redesigned Skeletal hands raise from the ground damaging enemies within 15 yards for 14,000% total weapon damage as Poison over 5 seconds Passives Final Service When this passive successfully prevents death, the Necromancer is immune to incoming damage for 4 seconds Note: The tooltip does not currently reflect this Bug Fixes Decay Golem Fixed an issue where Decay golem was not benefiting from the unlimited corpses granted by Land of the Dead Items
      General Scythes and Phylacteries are now sold by some of the vendors throughout the world Class Sets Bones of Rathma ([PH] Bone / Pet Set) (2) Set Bonus Your pets have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage (4) Set Bonus You gain 1% damage reduction each time your pets deal damage. Max 50 stacks. (6) Set Bonus Each active Skeleton Mage increases the damage of your minions and Army of the Dead by 200% Trag’Oul’s Avatar ([PH] Blood Set) (2) Set Bonus Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune (4) Set Bonus While at full life, your healing from skills is added to your maximum life for 45 seconds. Up to 100% more. (6) Set Bonus Spending 10% life grants you a stack of Blood Cascade. Each stack of Blood Cascade increases the damage of life-spending attacks by 200% and also increases the life you lose by 10%. Using a skill to heal will consume a stack and heal for an additional 300% Grace of Inarius ([PH] Saint Set) (2) Set Bonus Bone Armor’s damage is increased by 1000% (4) Set Bonus Bone Armor stacks are now refreshed. In addition, Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction per enemy hit (6) Set Bonus Bone Armor also activates a Bone Tornado damaging nearby enemies by 375% weapon damage as Physical. Enemies hit by the tornado take 850% additional damage from the Necromancer’s abilities and minions Pestilence Master’s Shroud ([PH] Melee Set) (2) Set Bonus Each corpse you consume fires a Corpse Lance at a nearby enemy (4) Set Bonus Each enemy hit by Bone Spear reduces your damage taken by 2% up to a maximum of 50%. Lasts 15 seconds. (6) Set Bonus Each corpse you consume grants you an Empowered Bone Spear charge that increases the damage of your next Bone Spear by 1000% Hellfire Amulet Necromancer passives have been added for this item Halcyon’s Ascent Added skills to this item for the Necromancer Adventure Mode
      New Zones: The Moors & The Temple of the Firstborn The fog-enshrouded Moors and the darkened Temple of the Firstborn can be explored in Adventure Mode through a new waypoint on the Act 2 map. Set Dungeons The user interface has been updated to better explain tier completion requirements. With this, the basic completion tier must be finished within the given time limit. The time limit to complete a Set Dungeon has been increased to 5 minutes Necromancer Set Dungeons have been added to Adventure Mode Bounties Four new Waypoints have appeared in Act IV. Each one has bounties to complete. These Realms of Fate are the unintended consequences of the battle between the nephalem and Diablo in the High Heavens. Greater Rifts Players who die in solo Greater Rifts can now choose to immediately resurrect. When choosing this option, the time remaining on your death timer will be removed from the remaining Greater Rift time and your cooldowns will be advanced by the same amount. PTR Only Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented players from completing the “Clear the Forgotten Well” bounty
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      Contact Us:

      You can contact us by Btag, or email as listed below.





      Email us at:


      We hope to see everyone in game!

    • By Babblet
      Location: Horde – US Connected Realms: The Venture Co - Maelstrom - Lightninghoof
      About us:
      Converge has been around since WoW Vanilla and has been raiding together since Molten Core; most of our members have been playing together for years. In its older days, when most of us where young, we were more raid focused and demanded a lot from our members. Over the years we had to adjust our playtime and priorities with a growing list of RL responsibilities and are now, for all intents and purposes, a two day raiding guild. We had to cut our total hours spent playing WoW but we still remain just as competitive and result oriented.
      Mandatory reading.
      Basics: ilvl 885+; 40+ points in MS Artifact Weapon; DMG Dealers 400k+ DPS ST.
      Raiding 101: ability to execute/avoid fight mechanics; communicate in English and use a microphone.
      We raid twice a week, a total of 8 hours; attendance of 90% is mandatory. We require you to function at 100% from the second the raid starts all the way to its end; if you cannot commit to a raiding schedule and be online on time this is not a guild for you.
      GRepairs and flasks are provided by GBank; members pitch in mats and/or gold to help out. Guilds preparedness to raid and supply its members with enchants/etc is a team effort. If you are accepted as a member be prepared to do your part.
      Currently we are trying to build up our roster to start Mythics.
      Raid Times: 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM Eastern Time – Monday/Tuesday.
      Recruitment: Ranged DPS / Heals.
      Legion Progression:
      EN 7/7 Normal - 7/7 Heroic - 4/7 Mythic
      ToV 3/3 Normal - 3/3 Heroic
      NH 10/10 Normal - 10/10 Heroic
      Contacts: BTag: Sodium#11394
      Do not send forum PMs, get in touch in-game; likewise do not contact unless you are ready to transfer if accepted for a permanent raid spot.
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      Wolflan Gaming now has its own World of Warcraft guild! It is located on Silvermoon(EU) on Alliance side. We are currently recruiting members from the organization, and as soon as we are ready, we will move towards events involving PvP and PvE. For more info, contact Bauntix, whom oversees the guild.
      If you want to join the guild, you will have to join the organization first. Head to our homepage ‘’, after which you will have to go through an introduction to the rules of the organization. When you are all signed up, you are ready to join us in Azeroth!
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