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Still struggling on Balance in general, and certain fights.

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I am struggling big time with my DPS, still.  It seems that I start out OK (sometimes,  I know my opener isn't always perfect), but my DPS tanks as the fight goes on.  Only thing that keeps it halfway decent is if there is a lot to AOE.


Maidens, and Furnace are fights I was really struggling with this week.


Me: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Andanas/advanced


Sat. Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RnjtQqYBrfF18ZNv

Sun Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tbGVd7JDkQgvwRhA(I pulled myself out after the 5th wipe or so on BF.)


I also have a UI question.  How do you guys track dots on multiple targets?  Do you even try to get moon/sunfire up on multiple targets?


Thanks in advance.

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Stuff like that is why your dps is low. You can't have 2.6s time between 2 wraths, not to mention the 8s between a wrath and a random rejuv followed by 3.5s downtime after an instant cast spell :\

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Hi Andanas,

Archiele already posted a interessting fact while I also investigated, but first here what I got for you:


Gruul check:

21k DPS / 17% Damage of possible maximum in your itemlevel-bracket

What have you done good and what went wrong?:

- DotUptime good

- 100k DPS peak at pull -> good

- Inc/CA/Trinket used twice -> good

- 2nd INC/CA not used together in one macro -> very well!

- Potion only used once -> bad

- ShootingStars usage very very bad. You had 20 SS procs + 3 charges available from the beginning + 7 recharges automatically every 30 secounds = 30 charges in total available. But you only used 13!! (9 Lunar / 4 Solar). According to "DamageDone by ability" you have 16 Starsurge casts. Dont know where the 3 went to but thats far too little. Use that stuff to empower your Starfire (esp. Starfire) and Wraths.This has cost you a lot for DPS overall

- Opener. As said aboive. 100k DPS peak. Looks good. Minor changes can be made here. E.g: After your very first Starfire hit CA -> MF and then cast Starsurge.



- weak DPSpeak at bosspull because you did nothing for 7 secounds while INC/CA active. Laaag????

00:00:06.175    Andanas casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:06.175    Andanas casts Void Shards
00:00:13.305    Andanas begins casting Starsurge

- Low MF, SF uptime

- use 2nd potion for 2nd INC/CA

- ShootingStars usage good this time

- From 02:00 to almost 03:00 minutes you did no damage. Keep Dots on him up, stay in the center area of the room. you will be able to cast Starfire and Wraths to him at 90% of his rolling phase


Now to Maidens and Furnace as you esp. requested:

Maidens (checked Normal Wipe 3 8:05)

- Dotuptime 89% -> keep them up alltime

- Maidens is a 3 target fight (most of the time). Keep Starfall up. When there are 2 targets keep Starfall up in Lunar Eclipse

- Bad ShootingStars usage. 47 available charges. Used: 25

- you only used INC/CA etc once at bosspull. You could have done 3 within this 8 minutes fight

- At Bosspull. Dot all bosses (especially with INC/CA alive) and keep them Dots on every target alive and spend at least 1 charge for Starfall

- Consider using Talent BoP oder StelarFlare for Maidens instead of Euphoria


Blast Furnace:

Fights like these are hard to explain what you did wrong because of so many things you need to do / consider. To do high DPS on multi target fight you need the basic understandings how to maximum damage as a moonkin...


(checked   Normal Wipe 5 (11:12) / And from timestep 0:00 to 10:00 when you died))

- In general, the way your guild starts the fight is inefficent in my opinion. Your raid should start as 1 group, go to the left side (instead of standing in the middle of the room). Kill all targets (not just DPS Foreman) , then move to the other side and again kill everyone and then split up into two teams

- Always...keep them Dots rolling on every target available. Dot targets and use Starfire/Wrath as filler. => Dotuptime (75% / 70%)

- At pull. Also Dot every target in your range with CA active

- 10 minutes fight but only used INC/CA twice.

- ShootingStars usage good.

- Starfall uptime good



Now to your question "I also have a UI question.  How do you guys track dots on multiple targets?  Do you even try to get moon/sunfire up on multiple targets?"

I do track multi targets. Bot only those which are set as type "Boss" (Shadowed Units Frames). For all "adds" I just have a look at the healthbars of the adds. I use addon TidyPlates for this. Really good

And yes I try to Dot every target around.But I follow the following rules:

- Am I moving or not?

- Target(s) will die in 10-15 seconds or less -> No Dot / Just Starfall

- Target(s) will die in 10-15 seconds or less, but I have Sunfire available and targets are close to each other so 1 Sunfire cast will hit every target around -> Sunfire DOT and of couse Starfall (e.g. Beastlord adds)

- Target(s) alive for longer time. -> both Dots (e.g. Spears at Beastlord)


Those rules, of course, depend on what t7 talent you use and what Boss you deal with. E.g. at Oregoreger I Starfall and Dot every damn crate around, cause I am moving an not standing still.

Edited by Bonita

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Thanks to the both of you for replying. I'm guessing the 2+ second delay mentioned in the first response was me dodging something (Hans n Frans stampers maybe).

And it looks like, according to Bonita's reply, that I am just messing up in each way possible, in one way or another.

Maybe I need a new way of tracking everything. I am using a combination of Drood Focus(dots, cooldowns, eclipse bar) and Weak Auras (empowered Starfire/wrath, number of starsurge procs I have). Although I am not tracking when I will get a new SS proc (just how many I have), so that's something I'll fix.

And I'll try BoP next time we do Maidens.

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